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A Little Something On The Practitioners Behind Group Partners

Group Partners
Apr 28, 2015 · 5 min read

A Context

John Caswell — Head Of Crayons

I used to be what was known as — ‘on the client side’. A particularly bizarre and ugly definition that makes no apology to the divide between a ‘supplier’ and client. A canyon might be a better way of putting it. And whether I worked in large or small enterprises I got to witness a lot of shoot outs, hangings and bank robberies.

But not all of it was that good.

Banned Wagons

I Get To Drawn On People’s Walls For A Living…

The large proportion of them were of low value — some just plain stupid wrong — some far worse and full of risk and hidden expense.

To most people involved it was better simply to nod and get on with it because hardly anyone knew what ‘it’ was. Many white men in awful suits talking with forked tongues.”

Whether strategy or tactic — transformation or change —I felt it just needed to be thought through differently.

I decided that my experience as a creative person and therefore totally ‘anti-authority’ that I could serve business better.

I saw that by cutting through the crap and drawing a picture of what everyone was saying I could make rapid progress and not want to gnaw my own leg off.

I learned that by being a little irreverent about the traditional bollocks I could make people see that there may be a new and better way of doing things. I saw that logical and visual frameworks could help people think with higher quality.

I proved that by being utterly impartial we could avoid our clients unintentionally creating yet more problems.

I got away with it.

Hazel Tiffany

Chief Wizard

I rode into town many moons ago as a client of Group Partners seeking answers to challenges of a very similar nature.

Over the last 10 years I have been a partner in the development of the Practice. For me, that means constantly exploring the new territories. I spend a lot of my time finding fresh ways to maximize the use of our approach.

The Program

And The Platform

No More Tumbleweed

Interpreting Smoke Signals

“It’s time for organisations to take ownership of their future and enjoy the luxury of quality thinking.” — Hazel Tiffany

In today’s world, we all need a greater consciousness.

And that’s something that we ALL belong to and without doubt have an undisputable accountability for.

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