Date multiple Men according to Stacii Jae Johnson’s method

When it comes to picking the right career, shoes, or wine, we demand choices. So why is it that we don’t think twice about giving away the most precious gift a single woman has to give — monogamy, and all that it implies — to a man who has not yet shown himself to be deserving of it? If you’re putting the wants and needs of a man you hardly know before your own because you think or hope he’s “the one;” if dating has become an agony of second-guessing yourself and over-analyzing every text, phone call, and dinner conversation; if you are constantly questioning where things are going — then this is the dating handbook you’ve been waiting for. Alternately insightful and hilarious, Stacii Jae Johnson shares her 143 reasons why she believes it is important for the single girl to date multiple men simultaneously. This second edition of the book includes a self-discovery guide after each section, with carefully selected questions designed to help you really start to understand what is going on during your dates, both between you and your date, and inside of YOU. Use this built-in “workbook” to hone in on the qualities that you really want and need in a man, some of which you may not yet even be aware of. Learn who you really are, and who you are becoming. Date, Girl! will not only encourage and inspire you, it will shake up everything you thought you knew about dating, shifting your focus along the way from finding Mr. Right to loving, respecting, honoring, and empowering yourself.


“ I am a single woman. I am not depressed. I am not desperate and I’m not just settling for any man who comes my way no matter how many more women there are to men in the world. I accept love in my life. The right way- MY WAY. From a man who deserves me.”

Stacii Jae Johnson
My mission is to be a catalyst in this world and change the negative stigma associated with being a single woman. My goal is to empower 1,000,000 single women over the course of my lifetime. As single women, I believe we can all have the healthy romantic love we deserve. But we have to adjust our perspective and really retrain our minds. If we all stood together and said this empowerment mantra everyday, I believe we would systematically change the over all atmosphere of what being single represents.
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