Day 10 of 30 Days of Kink: Of All The Constellations Excerpt

Phoenix Williams
Jul 20 · 6 min read

Yall! Not only are we just a few weeks away from the release of Exposed: A Club Sugar Novel but we are also weeks away from the release of Queens of Beasts: Breaking Mika. To celebrate, I’m dropping an excerpt from a Hell Fire Valley spinoff, Of All The Constellations!



“Cool it, little witch,” I whispered in her ear as she wound her ass against my dick.

That wouldn’t have been so bad if thunder didn’t clap every time her body connected with mine. The air was filled with sexual tension, and it was feeding her powers, making her lose control. The locals didn’t know whether to pack it up for the incoming storm or keep the party going.

Everybody was confused.

But, I was worried.

A witch so powerful that she could summon a storm in seconds without even trying was a force to be reckoned with. She was also a beacon. It was like her powers were a bright light letting every other Supe know that she was here.

It was just a matter of time before her people found her.

“I’m just so happy!” she exclaimed with a giggle, eyes bright with liquor and excitement.

Throwing her arms around me, she pressed that soft body against mine and I could feel it. Magic. Not hers. No, something more sinister. Solstice had to get sober quick.

Hands beneath her ass, I lifted her until she wrapped those chocolate legs around me. Dipping into a nearby alley, I pushed her against the stucco wall, my body blocking her from view. One hand on her hip, the other around the back of her neck, I crushed her lips against mine.

It was supposed to be quick, something to calm her down and bring her back into reality with me. Instead, I was shaken to my core.

Was it possible to fall with one kiss?

From the way my body, mind, and soul was reacting, the answer was yes.

The moment her tongue slipped between my lips, I was done. My entire world shattered before reforming and orbiting around her. My father warned me about this. He told me that the moment I found my mate, my entire existence would be in the hands of that one woman. I had laughed at the time.

Now, look at me. I was about to bind a witch to me and prepare to go to war with her entire coven. All thought left my mind when she rolled her hips against mine.

Little witch is going to get fucked by a dumpster.

I could feel it now. Her magic ebbing, desire taking its place. Fuck! She smelled like heaven and felt like paradise.

“Please,” she breathed against my lips.

“Use your words, little witch. Tell me what you want.”

She dragged her slim fingers from the base of my neck up through my hair, massaging my scalp. My eyes rolled closes, and a sigh left my lips. Had touch ever felt so good?

“Touch me, Taurus.”



The word was barely out of her mouth before I had her feet on the ground. Spinning her, I planted her hands against the stucco wall, my 6’7” frame plastering against hers. Her soft skin trembled underneath my fingertips as I blazed a trail up her inner thigh, the heat of her pussy scalding me.

Her scent filled the alleyway. It was a siren’s call. The only thing keeping the vultures away was the massive dominance pulsing from each of my pores. That plus her pheromones were making my head spin.

Hands gripping her fat ass, I bounced each cheek in my palm, licking and sucking the nape of her neck. Dick hard enough to cut diamonds, my hips crashed into hers. It took everything in me not to unzip and take a stroke to relieve the pressure.

This wasn’t about me.

This was about her.

This was about me proving my worth, getting her addicted to my touch — my very presence — and showing that she owned me, mind, body, and soul. Powerful bull about to fall to his knees for a witch and begging her to stay.

Pulling the seat of her swimsuit out of the way, we both groaned when my fingers stroked her slick outer lips.

“More,” she demanded.

Fuck, I loved that. Loved that she was using her voice after being silenced for so long. Oh, I had listened to her back in the bar. That was the only reason I was holding back. If she wanted me, she would need to tell me, demand it from me.

Thumb swirling around her clit, I clamped my teeth on her neck. And, my sweet little witch arched back into my touch. Shit, her body was begging for it, but I needed to hear it from her mouth.

Slowly, I inched one thick finger into her. Dripping walls gripped me so tightly, I almost lost my mind. Right hand between her thick thighs, my left cupped her heavy breast. Taking a nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I twisted and pulled at the same time I plunged another finger inside of her.

“Oh!” she cried out, sagging against the wall.

Her honey dripped down to my wrist. Sweet little witch liked pain with her pleasure. Good.

“Stand up straight, little witch,” I growled into her ear, stroking her in time with each roll of her hips. “I warned you about controlling your powers, and you didn’t listen. This is what happens to bad girls, little witch. They get their pussies played with in an alley.”

“Oh, God!”

Flattening my tongue, I dragged up and down the length of her neck. She tasted like the sea, and she moved against me like the waves crashing into the shore.

“I’m…I’m…going to cum!” she whined, the sound bouncing off the walls.

“Give it to me, Solstice,” I groaned into her skin. Stroking her faster, I felt the first ripple of her walls around my fingers. “Cum for me, little witch. Show me how good you can cum for me.”

My name fell like a prayer from her lips as she exploded. Her head thrown back, eyes closed, and lips parted, I had never seen anything as beautiful as my Solstice cumming. I threw my left arm around as she collapsed against me, my right hand dragging out her aftershocks.

As she slowly returned to earth, I could feel it then. The bond. It was growing between us, becoming strong with each second that passed.

She’s calling the bull.

Fuck that. We were way past that. She had called, and he had answered. Devoted. I was now totally and utterly devoted to one woman. I was willing to give up everything to be with her. My family, my people, my entire way of life if it made her mine. The spark that had been between us had grown to an inferno, and I’d be damned if it ever got extinguished.

There was only one thing left to do to cement us together for the rest of eternity. As much as I wanted to whisk her away and finish the mating ritual, I wouldn’t do that to her. Solstice had spent her life following others. It was time for my little witch to stand up and take the lead.

“I want…” she breathed, her voice trailing off as she opened her eyes.

“What do you want, little witch?”

And then, my sweet little witch said one word that changed the fate of every Supe on the planet.


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