Delphine Publication’s Queen of Beasts series hits #1 in Science Fiction breaking records

Tamika Newhouse
Oct 3 · 4 min read

This morning, everyone at AAMBC was anxiously clutching their phones for one reason. Queens of Beasts: Breaking Mika. After almost a year of waiting and harassing — er, um, asking — Phoenix about this book, we finally have it!

If you are unfamiliar with the Queens of Beasts series, you are seriously missing out on an experience. Phoenix Williams has crafted an epic that takes us through an entire family of strong, badass, and beautifully flawed women of color. We could go in depth into the many layers of the series as a whole but today is just about Breaking Mika.

As soon as I received that email from Amazon at midnight, I was glued to the screen. Believe me, this book was definitely worth the wait. With that being said, let’s jump straight into it.


Right away, you need to know that this book is 5/5 stars. Breaking Mika does not pick up where Taming Revy left off. We are taken back thirteen years ago. Yes, to that day. The day where the five Mashall sisters were separated and scattered across the world. From there, we are treated to not one but two prophecies…from the mysterious Seer…thirteen years ago! In the first several chapters of Breaking Mika, Phoenix takes on a journey from the past and moves us to the present. By the time we get through the prologue, we have a great understanding of who Mika is and what her issues are.

Revy and Adara make more than an appearance in this book. We get updates on their individual storylines and we also see consequences of the decisions they made in the first two books. In addition to Revy and Adara, we also see Mama Terrell, Alonzo, and Trevor as well as a slew of new characters. Most importantly, we are introduced to Andrew Bayer.

We met Andrew in Taming Revy and he was almost gutted by Mika. Well, in this book, poor Drew is going through it. I won’t give anything away but there are a ton of ups and downs between Drew the Destroyer and Mika the Berserker.

Phoenix also expands the storyline of the town, the death of Sophie Mashall, and the lore of this world. There is so much world building and lore in Breaking Mika that I literally felt like I was in it. There are so many layers to this novel that I already know I have to read it a second time.

That is the mark of a five star book.

My opinion

Queens of Beasts: Breaking Mika is definitely in the top three paranormal books and top ten overall books of the year. It was written wonderfully. This book was an emotional rollercoaster with so many layers and textures. During the action scenes, you’re on the edge of your seat. During the slower scenes, you are sucked into the lore and mystery. If one phrase was used to describe this book, it would be heart-pounding anticipation. The dialogue was so good. If you’ve read a Phoenix Williams book, then you know that she is the queen of one-liners and tension. You can feel the words in your heart and soul while you read. There were several scenes that brought tears to my eyes. The love story, the suspense, the continuation of the series plot, all of it has me waiting for book four. Oh, yes, there is a book four and it sounds like it’s going to be amazing!


The Good: Beautifully written. One of the best part threes of any series that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. This continuation doesn’t feel bogged down by too many details we heard about in the first two books. Phoenix gives us a lot of information but at a fast pace and interspersed with gripping dialogue.

The Bad: The cliffhanger. Yes, Phoenix has already stated that there are a total of six books in this series. I get it. However, I wanted more at the end. #Greedy

Should You Buy?: Yes!! If you haven’t read Queens of Beasts: The Life, Love, and Death of Adara Mashall and Queens of Beasts: Taming Revy, pick those up on Amazon immediately! If you’ve already gotten sucked into this saga, pick up book 3, Queens of Beasts: Breaking Mika. It was definitely worth the wait.

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