HE SAID… Is bad sex a relationship killer?

Hmm… I would say no.

The reason I say no, is because I remember my high school girlfriend didn’t like the way I kissed. She always complained and I had no idea what the problem was. I wouldn’t say I was an expert on kissing, but I ain’t ever had any complaints before her. Any who, she didn’t break up with me because she thought I was a bad kisser. Instead, she taught me how to kiss the way she liked.

There may be some people out there that don’t feel like teaching old dogs new tricks, but to each they’re own. Me personally, I have no problem asking to try something new or different after a few bad sextions with my love. And hey, practice makes perfect. So as long as she can get an A for effort; as long as we are embarking on the journey together to try and get from bad to at least mediocre, then I feel bad sex is not an relationship ender.

Though, it could be. I’ve had a few sextions with a select few who “Thought They Invented Sex.” You know when you’re in the “Just Talking” phase; the “Get To Know You Better” time; the time when the sex is supposed to feel good because you’re hot and bothered, and after a lot of flirting done talk our ways into one another’s bed with the stars in our sights. Those are the one night stands that won’t go away, so you turn them into strictly platonic friends. All because you don’t know how to deflate their egos. There is nothing I hate more than over confidence. Getting you all hot and bothered for nothing. That’s exactly why I don’t do phone sex and get myself worked up for something that might be disappointing. But, that’s a discussion for another day.

Now, when it comes to things like, maybe mah girl need to do some Kegel exercises; or she simply needs a new vagina-like Tichina Arnold’s Survivor’s Remorse character Cassie Calloway. Hey, maybe her vagina’s too big and though not micro, maybe my penis is too small. Hell, maybe my penis is too small for her big vagina. Regardless, at the age of thirty, I feel confident enough to say I know a great deal about myself sexually. I know, what I like; what I don’t like; what I can do; what I can’t do; what I should do to make up for what I can’t…

If your stroke is wrong, your tongue game better be strong. But not everyone lives by that motto.

To be honest, sex, though it is great, it isn’t everything. There is always passion, happiness, lust and love. So, no, bad sex is not a relationship killer for me, because I feel love would hold more weight in my relationship, rather than with someone that was just fun.

But, but, but, but, but, when it comes to hygiene… that might have to be a relationship killer for me. I am not sure we would get passed the meet and greet if there was a hygiene problem, especially oral hygiene. I’m a teeth guy. I don’t think I would be able to bring myself to helping a woman work on her hygiene, I’m sorry, I’m just not that comfortable with that. Maybe it’s because God blessed me with a mother that instilled the benefits of good hygiene to my sister, because I don’t know if I’d be able to tell her she stank. There is only one girl I’d be fine with teaching and talking about hygiene and that would be my daughter.

Bad sex, I look at as a challenge and I’m open to teach, or shall I say learn together. Threesomes are always an option…