HE SAYS… Does sleeping with women change the way a woman has love, sex and relationships with men?

Since I could remember, I have seen women kissing women on television and the big screen. Girl-on-girl was and still is supposed to be the ultimate sexual conquest; everything a heterosexual male dreamed about. There has never been any real depth in the girl-on-girl propaganda, other than the sole purpose of male stimulation and more times than not, to manipulate men. No one really explained to me that there might have been something resembling affection between the two women. Never in my mind had I thought that the women were doing it purely for their own enjoyment. So, yes, I do believe a woman who slept with another woman would change in ways towards a man.

But, not because of the limited knowledge I have in the area. I don’t believe it would change because a woman is capable of loving in many different ways. I feel women have a broader way of loving than men. Whereas men love you down, women will love you up, down, and side to side. It is as simple as men are men and women are women. Women know what they are looking for when they are with another woman. They know how they want to be loved and can love another woman the way she wants to be loved. However, when it comes to a man, I feel women know what to expect. Bisexual women know the type of love they will get from a man and it’s a matter of whether or not they accept that love from that man, in that way.

Does it stop a woman from wanting to be loved a certain way? No. She just knows the limits to which she will be loved by the gender she chooses to love.
 As far as sex goes, I feel it’s just their preference and what type of sex they want. Some women sleep with men because they like being submissive and dominated. They like the male physic and the raw, blunt love a male gives. Hell, it might just be the pheromones. Regardless of what the reason is, I feel there are times when sex is sex. There are things a woman can give another woman that a man cannot and there are things a man can give to a woman that a woman cannot. They are just two different species. I feel it all boils down to who’s sex she wants and when.

I feel a woman who sleep with another woman would be more tolerant when it comes to a relationship with a man. Now, I am not speaking for any women, by any means, this is just my opinion. I feel bisexual women tend to not sweat the small stuff when it comes to their man. From talking to several bisexual women the only thing I think a woman sleeping with another woman does, is open a woman up to more possibilities and to be more assertive in their relationships with men and women.

With that being said, it is my unprofessional opinion that sleeping with another woman does change the way a woman loves, sexes and has relationships with a man. I feel it gives them a certain type of wisdom and the balls to take control of their relationship when they want to.