“Me First”: Books on Healing and Self Help

Growing up, I have had to learn about ways to love and help myself because I quickly found out that this was something I could not expect others to do for me. When you begin to learn how to help yourself for the betterment of you, you discover that your value is not determined by other people. You learn not to seek validation from other people and most importantly you learn to overcome things that you once believed broke you.

One of the ways I learned about self help and healing is through books. The great thing about these books is that the people writing them have typically gone through the experiences that they are writing about. Typically they write these books to help people like you, because they know someone can learn from their own experiences in hopes of not making the same mistakes.

These types of books have helped me deal with breakups, not getting the job I wanted, rocky friendships and more. They have taught me how to love again, forgive, accept and most importantly GROW. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if these types of books were not written because sometimes we just need someone to tell us its going to be ok once we get through whatever we are going through.

Here are some books to help you help, grow and love yourself:

  1. Words From a Wanderer by Alex Elle

Personal favorite of mine. Alex Elle shares how she overcame her breakup and shares short poems and quotes about overcoming and learning how to give the love she once gave to someone else back to herself.

2. Black Girl, You Can Do This by Brittni Kirkpatrick

This book talks about learning how to find the truth and value within yourself versus seeking it from other people. Kirkpatrick encourages the next generation of black girls to challenge the status quo and embrace whoever it is they desire to be.

3. For the Quiet Black Girl by Aundrea Tabbs-Smith

Tabbs-Smith talks about growing up as a black woman in a world that did not always welcome her with open arms. She shares her experiences dating, going to school and simply just existing in preodminately white spaces.

4. Black Pain by Terrie M. Williams

Williams touches on the pain that blacks feel as though we have to endure and hide. She highlights a huge problem in our community which is mental health and it is often not taken seriously. Her book highlights how to deal with the root of our problems instead of supresisng them rather that be through therapy or building a supportive network.

5. Don’t Forget Your Crown by Derrick Jaxn

Self love is so important in relationships because often times we look to others to do it for us. Jaxn shares with us how to not lose sight of ourselves in relationships by not letting significant others disrecpect or devalue us. Remember, you are a queen and should be treated as such.

6. Standing in the Shadows by John Head

This book focuses specifically on mental health and depression within black men. Head traces the probems of this back to slavery and how that has manifested into the silent suffering of our black men today. He addresses ways on how to treat and resolve these problems of mental health and depression.

Hoping that one of these books helps you to close a door, find peace or even find answers. Let us know what you end up reading and as always share with us your thoughts on what you’ve read!