The Acagamic Tip Tuesday — Issue #5

Welcome back to The Acagamic Tip Tuesday.

Each Tuesday, I will send you a tip from the world of UX Research & Design for games. At my website The Acagamic, I focus on training people to become better researchers and designers for games and beyond.

Each tip will only take a few minutes to read.

Tip of the week

Players hate change. Be aware of the baby duck syndrome when designing your game. Follow genre conventions.

People have the tendency to compare each game to the first one they played, specifically within a certain genre. If the interface or system is not familiar, they do not like it. This is similar to newly hatched geese imprinting on the first creature they see (Google: Konrad Lorenz).

Three Tweets

Two Links

Baby duck syndrome in digital design | by Maxim Stepanov | UX
Every usability specialist is a kind of researcher. Therefore, there are not only generally accepted standards and laws but also rules that are opened with each usability audit and usability testing…

Designing Game
My article with a big general guideline about game controls design.

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