Rivera and McCarthy… Shutdown, or Not?

Lindsay Mohler
May 23 · 8 min read

Kerri Rivera, Jenny McCarthy, and a Cult of Bleachers

*Content Warning* on the blog subject. This information is a lot to take in.

For those who are new to the information, who are unaware of everything that has been going on, and want to know more, welcome to my blog! My goal here today is to catch you up, as well as inform parents on how to better serve their autistic children. As you can see, the screenshot above shows what Kerri Rivera looks like. Now, I’ve already written a blog on Bleach Cures, but this one is more up to date.

Kerri Rivera is a mom and also is an anti-vaxxer, bleacher, and child abuser. She actively promotes the use of MMS (as well as invented it), which I’ll get into in a bit, but before I do, I need to mention that this information may likely cause you to sleep less. I know it’s made me cry quite a few times as well. I lose sleep over autistic children being abused at night, sometimes. Autistic advocates, such as Emma Dalmayne, Eve Reiland, Amanda Siegler, Melissa Eaton, and MANY other autistic advocates have actually been heavily involved with online and offline activism for the past almost 4 years, dealing with autism bleachers. Now, for most people NOT in our community, it is relatively new information because mainstream media took a while to catch on. Before I delve into what you’ve probably seen in the news, etc., let me inform you first on bleach cures and what they are.

Bleach cures are created by desperate parents of autistic children looking to make profit off of curing autism, simply because they refuse to accept that their children are neurologically different. We see this in well-known parents, such as Kerri Rivera and Jenny McCarthy (her son is not autistic though) every single day, and they both are causing more and more harm to the autistic community. Bleach cures are toxic, because not only do they promote abuse, but they incite violence against autistic children. What are the types of bleach cures (otherwise known as alternative therapies), one may ask? Here is a list:

  1. MMS ( often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution, MMS, or the CD protocol): Otherwise known as Miracle Mineral Solution, this bleach cure comes in a bottle, and autistic children are fed, typically, up to 40 drops per day. Claim? Use of industrial bleaching agent chlorine dioxide to cure AIDS, malaria, cancer, autism and more. BUT, we all know that scientology is a load of pseudoscience and that both Jim Humble and Kerri Rivera are not to be taken seriously. Jim Humble and Rivera started the campaigning in 2006. Children will often experience the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, damage to GI tract, kidney and liver damage, red blood cell damage, anemia, skin rashes, internal bleeding, and damage to reproductive organs, as well as sores in the mouth, skin change in color, and intestinal damage. Amazon, Walmart, and other businesses have sold this product, and Amazon recently was under fire this spring and this past December for selling the product, books, etc. and is still selling books and films on the subject itself. MMS is fed not only orally, but also through enemas, which is just as bad. I won’t post photos, but the ingrediants for MMS are Sodium Chlorite (22.4%), water (H20), as well as an acid (such as the juices of citrus fruits).

2. Chelation ( otherwise known as chelation therapy): Heavy metal poisoning is essentially what chelation treatments consist of. They are not healthy and are incredibly harmful to the autistic child. These protocols are forced onto the child, just like MMS. Claim? Bleachers believe that autism is caused by mercury exposure, such as from childhood vaccines. Chelation therapy removes mercury from the child’s body, which chelation supporters say cures autism; however, there is no evidence of a link between mercury exposure and autism. Take that, anti-vaxxers! Plus, chelation therapy has serious side affects, including potentially deadly kidney damage. It is quite fatal.

Now that I’ve covered both, I will next dive into Kerri Rivera herself. Kerri sells MMS in the US, and secretly elsewhere. Because Facebook has the secret group option, it is quite hard for advocates to be able to find these groups. Advocates are still looking into finding more groups. Both Kerri and Jim are scientologists. Scientology is what creates anti-vaxxers who are against autism. Kerri is to blame for all of her KETO groups (see the first image in this article? That group still exists on Facebook). Those have been a thing for a while, until April! That is when Facebook removed the group she had, but this does not stop there. The other secret groups exist, and Facebook will not remove her account or help us out in tackling other groups.

Recently, our activism hit the news on NBC, Rolling Stone, The Young Turks, etc., and thanks to the news reporter who made it happen on NBC, the topic went viral within a day.

Credit goes to TYT (The Young Turks)

Two days later, and we discover that Kerri is quite uncontent with what occurred (as no surprise):

Thanks to Emma Dalmayne and Eve Reiland for the photos!

If you’d like to read more, thanks to Eve Reiland, here is another article.

Autism One is an autism conference that is held every year. People like Kerri Rivera, Jenny McCarthy, J.B. Handley, and Andrew Wakefield attend the event, and the conference is still not shutdown permanently. Thanks to Fiona O’Leary and Emma Dalmayne, we now have a reporter, but the downside is that this reporter is now being attacked by Kerri Rivera. Emma Dalmayne and Fiona O’Leary have been advocating against bleach cures in the UK and in Ireland for the past couple of years. I also recently discovered that Amazon (shame on you Amazon) just attempted to double talk Amanda Siegler, after she called Amazon on the phone to ask them to remove any books and videos that were for sale that still were being sold. Amazon only cares about its image, after all. It’s still selling books and films/videos that promote cures, etc., even after it promised back in March that it would remove everything.

Generation Rescue’s toxic organization that promotes pseudoscientific claims, are run by the desire to cure autism. According to the CDC, autism is incurable. It also is incurable, due to research done by Spectrum News. Promoting this pseudoscience puts the notion that autism is some disease, as if it is. Autism is not, and is a natural variation in the brain, as well as a neurodevelopmental disability. Want proof?

¹ BaribeauD.A. et al. Transl. Psychiatry 9, 72 (2019) PubMed. ² DajaniD.R. et al. Neuroimage Clin. 21, 101678 (2019) PubMed
Source: Quora

If you would like more on Jenny McCarthy, or on Bleach cures, you may go to the following blogs I’ve written, but as of right now, The Autism One Conference is still being filmed on YouTube (feel free to go on and speak out against it) and so unfortunately misinformation is still being spread. How do we continue to stop it? By publicly shaming them for their actions, dissecting the misinformation and counteracting it, etc. And also educating bleachers on why doing this is unacceptable.

  1. For Jenny McCarthy:


2. For Bleach Cures:

Overall, Kerri Rivera and Jenny McCarthy are trouble. We need more allies. Please consider taking part of your week to help us out. I know it seems like a lot. Want to help and live in the US?

Thanks to Robert Gehrman and Melissa Eaton for this!

The Autistic Avenger is asking for a Call To Action! Please help!

T.A.A. Call To Action !
A recent boom in media coverage is our boost in the fight against the MMS bleach autism “cure” scam. But media don’t write laws of course — We need the FDA to act on it ! Yes YOU can help. Now is the time! This is our historic just-in-time opportunity to actually end this !

🎸 The U.S.FDA has actually invited public comments, to be considered for laws and agenda shaping the next 25 YEARS of FDA oversight on unregulated products ! Comments accepted thru July 15th and will all be reviewed by the official decision-makers, and listed on the Federal Register !

To submit your comment, click the “Comment Now!” button at the upper right: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA-2019-N-1388-0001

Please review instructions on their site carefully before submitting. ❤

🎸 MMS is a type of bleach, used in textile, wood pulp, and water treatment industries. Ingestion in ghastly (600 x “safe” limit) concentration levels advised by Kerri Rivera, Jim Humble and other such scam artists, causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, damage to GI tract, kidney and liver damage, red blood cell damage, anemia, skin rashes, internal bleeding, and damage to reproductive organs. An Autistic child may to the (very) untrained eye seem “recovered” when weak silent and ill from this damage, but they really don’t become any less Autistic!

EPA Toxicological Review:

New Jersey Dept of Health Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet:

🎸 This has gotten a little press here and there, yet we’re still waiting for the FDA to do much more than issuing a warning. Some exposés:








🎸 This has gone on longer than a decade. It’s time to end it!
Please Like, Comment, Share — we may not get this opportunity again.

#EndQuackery #StopMMS #ActuallyAutistic#ProudlyAutistic #AutisticNotDamaged#EndMMSabuse #AutismMom #AutismDad#AutismParent #StopMMSabuse

That is all I have left. Please, parents, do not feed your children bleach.

The Creative Autistic

This publication is of different autistic articles/blogs I have written.

Lindsay Mohler

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Intersectional Feminist and activist. Autistic, Bisexual. Opera Singer. Music Therapy Major.

The Creative Autistic

This publication is of different autistic articles/blogs I have written.

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