365 days of boxing

I’ve never been overweight, or had any kind of body issues. Sure, I’m not the fittest, or the most athletic in any way but I had no problem with that. My mom is tall and thin (my dad fat and short but that’s a whole other story) and thank god we inherited her genes. We come from a family that mostly eats what they want, most to all of us extremely picky eaters, our diet consists of fried food, carbohydrates much like rice, noodles, etc. or take out. I liked my way of life, I liked how I basically lived with little to no care about the world, but because of that I had never stopped to think about how my body would look like on the inside.

Mostly everything changed when I went to the doctor last June—and after only completing 10 classes of boxing by then, which was even less than a third of my goal by now—he told me a bunch of things I’d never thought I’d hear, or had even thought existed. I had way more hormones than I was supposed to when it came to the hormone which controlled hunger. This caused me to eat way more than my body needed, and although I wasn’t physically representing everything that went into my body, on the inside, I sure was.

31% body fat. That was what my body was made of. The doctors told me that I had the muscle and fat of a fifty year old woman. That I could possibly, in the near future suffer a heart attack of some kind or have my arteries clogged. That I needed to get it together and find a way to exercise, to get fit.

That’s when I came up with a plan. Because of all of the things that had been piling up, I was stressed, over eating, angry, among a million-trillion other things. Boxing, was the perfect solution for all of them. I had a year until I went off to college and 365 days to create a new life style for myself; a healthier one.

I made a plan of at least boxing four times a week with whom was originally my brother’s trainer: Tony Fernandez, and he is sure making me follow through. Although I’ve only been boxing for a couple weeks now, I do feel more energized, less stressed and overall happier with myself. My goal for next year when I have to go get tested once again I hope to have made some fat into muscle and I hope to be able to continue further improving my habits overall and and keep on updating on my journey through “sports” throughout the year.

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