Celebration Podcast with the Moderators of r/AdOps and their Plans for the Future of the Group

This week on the podcast we’re doing something a little different. If you’re trying to learn more about Ad Ops, perhaps the best online community in existence is the sub reddit r/adops. The quality of the discussion is extremely high, everyone who posts there is very knowledgable, and its a great place to expand your knowledge. In an industry that badly needs more quality content, this site is invaluable.

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The sub reddit just passed 3,000 subscribers a week ago, so I wanted to have all of the moderators of the site on the podcast to celebrate and learn more about how the group got its start. These are the people volunteer their time and put the hard work in behind the scenes to ensure that the group functions smoothly. We hit on some interesting points about the industry, as well as what types of discussions each moderator wants to see more of.

I would assume that most people that listen to this podcast found it through r/adops, but it you haven’t, I would highly suggest that you subscribe. The more people that join the group, the better it will be for everyone. Below are instructions on how to sign up and get involved.

Check out the Existing Discussions on r/adops:

Comment from discussion Ad Ops Podcast #20: Celebration Podcast with the Moderators of r/AdOps and their Plans for the Future of the Group.

How to Sign up to r/AdOps:

Show Notes

1:20 — Moderator Introductions
1:25 — Moderator intro: Jeff aka “BehindtheHype”
2:00 — Daniel aka “D2KG”
2:35 — Ryan aka “happensinadops”
3:20 — Bill aka “24cal”
3:50 — Michele aka “wildeyes”
4:25 — How did the community get stated and what were the early days of the sub reddit like?
6:00 — How anonymity helps r/adops
8:30 — How did you grow the community early on?
12:30 — How has the community shifted since the early days?
14:30 — Is there much week to week moderation that goes on?
16:00 — Are there other ad ops groups that we should know about?
18:00 — What would you want to say to the larger ad ops world and the sub reddit?
19:15 — It would be great to have more technical discussion in the group
20:00 — Grow your skills as much as you can
21:00 — The importance of next level programmatic discussions beyond the basics
23:40 — International perspectives on ad ops
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