Data Management in Ad Ops and Why Hiring Makes the Difference with Mike Buechele

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This week on the Podcast, we talk to Mike Buechele, who is the Global Head of Ad Ops fro Kiosked. Mike is a veteran of the Ad Ops world, and made the transition to head up Ad Ops for Kiosked last year. He is in the process of growing the team globally and hiring the people who will build out the infrastructure that Kiosked will rely on for the next few years.

This podcast started on the technical side of data management, but I quickly learned in talking to Mike that the real way to build infrastructure is to hire the right people. We cover the type of personalities that Mike looks for, where he finds them, and how hiring varies based on region.

Show Notes
50 Sec — How do Ad Networks think about Data Management and what are the benefits?
3:30 — As an ad network, did you start to attract buyers or publishers first?
7:50 — How does your infrastrurue adjust from taking just exchange data to exchange + direct sold data?
11:15 — What is the blend of skills that you need on a team to build out your infrastructure
11:50 — Where do you see your infrastructure going? What insights would you want?
14:07 — How do you manage the less “sexy” data elements such as financial data?
15:50 — Data management vs Hiring correctly
16:57 — The effect of proper hiring
18:55 — How do you think about hiring and what do you look for?
20:25 — What personality traits do you look for while interviewing?
21:45 — Where do you source your hires from?
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