How Header Bidding Affects Publisher Revenue, Latency, and Day to Day Operations — with and OpenX

Pictured: Prebid.js vs Pubfood

This week on the podcast we are talking header bidding with Martin Calhoun of the Philadelphia Media Network and Miki Rapoport from OpenX.

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Header Bidding has been around for more than a year now, so we wanted to touch base with a publisher who has been running it the last 12 months and hear more about how it has worked for them. Header bidding has hit a reasonable saturation point in the market, but there are still publishers out there who are still feeling out the technology.

Martin and Miki were nice enough to join us on the podcast this week to talk through what header bidding has meant for their respective businesses. Martin gave us some great insights about the set up processes, the amount of time that header bidding has freed up, and how this set up has affected the rest of their programmatic inventory.

It was interesting to hear from Miki’s perspective how header bidding has been received from OpenX’s advertising clients. It makes perfect sense that they would prefer to the option of paying a higher CPM to have first look at audiences they would like to reach.

Header Bidding

1:25 — Intros
1:54 — Header bidding at Philadelphia Media Network (PMN)
2:13 — OpenX’s Header bidding history
2:45 — What have you learned about header bidding in the last year at PMN?
3:40 — How hard is it to implement header bidding?
4:50 — What has header bidding mean for the rest of your programatic inventory?
6:18 — Header bidding helps ad ops team and finance team, as they have to deal with fewer vendors
6:33 — How many header bidding partners are you running?
7:10 — Do header bidding impression that are passed then fall to your waterfall?
7:30 — How has header bidding affected your teams daily process?
9:00 — Programmatic competing with direct sold
9:35 — What gave OpenX the idea that header bidding is something they should pursue?
10:45 — How do advertisers view header bidding?
12:15 — How have advertisers liked bidding within the header?
13:44 — Will non standard inventory ever be available in header bidding?
15:00 — As a publisher, is there a type of inventory that you wouldn’t want included in header bidding ?
17:30 — What are the drawbacks to header bidding that you’ve seen so far?
18:40 — Assuming that you had more time and resources, what would you experiment with?
19:40 — What is the most header bidding partners you have seen a publisher run?
20:50 — Where can header bidding be improved?
24:20 — Parting thoughts for the ad ops world
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