How to Price Your Programmatic Inventory and Maximize Revenue — Jeff Mayer Returns

Very excited for this week’s episodes, as Jeff Mayer returned and dropped a ton of programmatic knowledge. Jeff is the newly minted Director of Programmatic at Shazam. Jeff has been a previous guest on our podcast (below), where he covered tips on how to set up a programmatic strategy, which has been our most popular episode by far.

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Jeff was nice enough to come back and cover the topic of pricing programmatic inventory. He has some excellent tips on how to build our your programmatic rate card, which I would highly suggest that everyone follow.

We cover topics such as using your Direct Sales team to determine which parts of your audience are selling, how to put sufficient price pressure on programmatic inventory, and ways to ensure that you’re not cannibalising your no programmatic inventory,

This was a really interesting episode to recored. In talking with Jeff, it sounds like pricing your inventory is not a task that is ever really completed, more a continuous exercise of testing new options and determining where you can make improvements. Thanks again to Jeff for coming on.

Jeff’s previous episode on Programatic Strategy:

Show Notes

1:30 — Intros
2:30 — How much of being “good” at programmatic is just organization and discipline
3:10 — How long were you at Shazam before you felt like you had things dialed in?
3:38 — Are you looking at what is already working for the sales team?
3:50 — Why are you trying to model what the direct sales team is doing?
4:30 — How do you make sure your programmatic sales team has a defined goal?
5:45 — What you can learn about brands via their programmatic actions?
7:30 — What incentives have you given brands/agencies to buy directly that have worked vs haven’t worked?
8:45 — How do you build your programmatic rate card vs your direct rate card?
9:51 — The danger of cannibalising other inventory
10:25 — How do you test for the best pricing of programmatic inventory?
12:03 — Reviewing open auction data to test what buyers are willing to pay
12:20 — Branded vs Anonymous pricing
13:30 — Is programmatic pricing ever done?
15:20 — Carving your audience into the most valuable segments
16:00 — Users are multi dimensional
17:10 — What questions would you want to understand from the buy side?
19:00 — If we better knew what buyers would want, we would do it
19:30 — Do you build special packages for events, such as the Super Bowl, Christmas, etc?
22:00 — Do you ever offer volume pricing?
23:45 — Where do you see programatic prices going in the next 12–24 months?
24:50 — Do you think header bidding stays around if Google releases a true auction in DFP?
25:50 — How direct sales benefits programmatic
26:42 — User submitted question: How do you think about the trade off between being mobile web vs in-app?
27:38 — Being able to only work with a few demand partners means I say no to 99% of them
28:20 — What are the best practices to manage Private Market Place deals?
29:53 — Technical trouble shooting PMP deals
30:25 — The easier you make it for buyers, the more sales you’ll have
31:10 — Questions to ask as a part of technical trouble shooting PMP deals?
32:11- Do you have best practices in dealing with high page view user sessions?
34:20 — The “no result” page for a search engine typically has the highest clicked on ad