Let’s Talk About Bot Traffic — Part 1 — The Economics of Bot Traffic with Shailin Dhar

This week on the podcast we talk to Shailin Dhar, who is a veteran of the Ad Tech space and deeply understands the economics behind bot traffic. He spent years in the Ad Network world and now runs his own consultancy, the Dhar Method, that aims to educate agencies, buyers, and publishers about non human traffic.

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The bot world is natrually hard to understand, however Shailin was able to shed some light on the basic facts. We cover where they come from, what the various financial incentives are to both publishers and advertising exchanges, and bot detection companies. Overall this was a great talk about a part of the advertising industry that should be more discussed.

This will be part 1 of our look at bot traffic, part 2 can be found here.

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Comment from discussion Ad Ops Podcast #11 — Let’s Talk About Bot Traffic — Part 1 — The Economics of Bot Traffic.

Show Notes
0:10 — Shailin’s Background
1:38 — What are the underlying dynamics that make bots possible?
2:10 — Is it possible to say when bot traffic started or picked up dramatically?
2:51 — Has the level of bots picked up or are we better at detecting it now?
3:19 — What are the financial incentives behind bots?
4:20 — The dynamics behind bots and who they impact
4:50 — How bad is the bot problem now?
6:05 — Although the financial impact of Bots is large, its only a small portion of total ad spent
6:35 — How do brands and agencies react when you bring this up?
7:51 -Do the brand buyers care?
8:56 — How is media arbitraged? How does this affect publishers and advertisers?
11:00 — The financial interests of the exchanges
11:55 — The correlation between ad blocking and bot traffic
13:50 — The way that sales and editorial relationships have changed
14:30 — The amount of people in the US according to ad stats
15:05 — Are advertisers or brands starting to care more about this?
17:10 — What are the economics of running a bot net?
18:30 — How bot programs are bundled into installs
19:09 — What is a bot farm? What does it cost to run one?
20:45 — Where does bot traffic originate from?
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