Let’s Talk About Bot Traffic — Part 2 — How do I Buy Fake Traffic?

This is Part 2 of 2 in our series on bot traffic. We talk again with Shailin Dhar, who walks us through the process of purchasing bot traffic and discuss the different options for non human traffic.

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Part one can be found here.

Not surprisingly, bots have become increasingly sophisticated as the internet has evolved. Depending on the amount of money that you’re willing to pay, you can obtain traffic that will pass any detection filter or countermeasure on the market. This raises the interesting point of when it makes more sense to drive actual people to your site.

We will continue to publish excerpts from Shailin’s book on the site. I would strongly recommend that everyone check out his company here and reach out to him if you have any questions:


Show Notes
0:13 — How do I buy bot traffic?
1:30 — Is there a price threshold that you can assume is non human?
2:18 — How can I find a company to buy from?
2:39 — How do I determine what traffic to buy?
3:10 — Buying traffic that can defeat detection
3:52 — What types of companies are in this space?
4:25 — Do you assume all companies in this space have non human traffic?
5:01 — Who’s responsibility is it to take the lead on preventing bot traffic?
5:34 — Most Insertion Orders don’t expressly forbid bot traffic
7:00 — Using bot traffic is still industry standard, so why change?
8:30 — What happens if the brand dollars disappear?
9:15 — The industry should prepare for the day when traffic isn’t so abundant
9:36 — How advertisers are feeding this problem
10:21 — As a brand or a media buyer, what are the general rules you should use when evaluating a site?
13:50 — The importance of training media buyers
14:33 — If you had to train a media buyer, what would that look like?
16:00 — If there was a way to fix bot traffic, how would you do it?
17:10 — How far away do you think the realization of this problem is?
18:30 — What should a CMO do?
19:26 — What is the goal of your company The Dhar Method?