Programmatic Media Buying, DMP Data, and Branding Dollars — Return of Victor Lopez

This week on the podcast Victor Lopez returns to discuss the current trends in programmatic media buying and ad tech. As the industry changes, client needs are also constantly evolving and the media plans that best server brands need to change with them .

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Victor has extensive experience running programmatic media buying, and is the Programmatic Media Director at Affiperf, which is a subsidiary of Havas. He has recently been promoted to take over buying across all channels of online media.

One of the interesting trends that we talked about in this episode is that more dollars flowing into programmatic media and coming from all other channels, not just TV or traditional print. Programmatic spending is increasing at the expense of all other media. Clients initially took some time to warm up to the concept of programmatic, but now are adopting it in larger numbers.

Victor has done some great writing on this industry and recent published a great post on setting up a campaign in DSPs.

I would highly suggest that anyone interested in a learning about the buy side follow his blog:

Check out Victor’s first episode here:

Show Notes

2:00 — Intros
3:18 — Where is programmatic media in a clients overall spend?
4:39 — Are more dollars moving to programmatic and ad networks?
5:00 — Where are these dollars coming from when they move to programmatic?
5:53 — Have branding dollars moved into programmatic?
6:50 — The importance of metrics in branding buys
7:15 — What does intelligent programmatic buying look like?
8:55 — Where do you think client needs will evolve in the next few years?
10:00 — Supply and demand of programmatic media
12:30 — What is different about buying in an emerging market?
13:45 — Are clients in LATAM different than clients in Europe?
14:00 — Mobile phone penetration in LATAM
16:00 — Spanish language branding fails
16:45 — What do you think of data providers in the industry and how much trust do you put in them?
18:30 — When will data providers catch up?
18:45 — How is DMP data captured?
19:45 — Has DMP data every advanced the goals of a campaign?
20:00 — What type of backgrounds do you look to hire from?
21:45 — Have you seen any of the complexity that exists in the financial industry hit the buy side yet?
22:14 — What do your most complex client executions look like?
23:25 — Questions for the larger ad ops world
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