2019 in digital marketing — soaring digital spending, privacy concerns, blockchain getting real

In 2019 advertisers are spending more on digital advertising than traditional. Privacy and fraud continue to be major concerns for the industry while AI and blockchain are getting traction and trying to offer solutions.

Ivan Manchev
Apr 3, 2019 · 6 min read

Landscape and revenue predictions

Digital advertising spend has been on the rise last year and numbers for 2019 are even more optimistic. According to eMarketer, US digital ad spend will hit $129.34 billion revenue for 2019, surpassing traditional ad spend for the first year. Digital advertising in UK in 2019 will also hit record numbers. Despite the backdrop of Brexit and the resulting economic uncertainty, Barclays forecasts that marketers will spend more on UK ads in 2019 than in 2018 — $19.6bn to be precise.

Source: emarketer.com

What will influence digital advertising in 2019

  • Voice search paving the road for new niche — voice advertising. There are about 50 million Echos and Google Homes operating at the moment and the number is constantly growing. Voice ads are already a thing and in 2019 they may evolve towards partnerships with brands that will allow for organic use of the devices, peppered with ads directing consumers to specific products or services.
  • 5G will accelerate video advertising. 5G is already undergoing its first phase of commercial deployment. The bandwidth of 5G is 1000mbps, which is 10 times more than its predecessor — 4G. 5G will boost almost everything that happens on the Internet and relies on lots of data, including drones, VR, self driving cars. The high bandwidth of 5G will enable the ad tech ecosystem to load ads faster, reducing the millisecond delay that usually makes the user move away from the site. It also means 4K video delivered via mobile networks. Imagine what will happen when Donald Trump’s 6G dream comes true…
  • Criticism on FAGA continues — Facebook and Google managed to stir too many conflicts involving data breaches, protection and sharing of user data, corporate footprints and taxes. While half the digital ads spend happens on the two platforms, many advertisers are getting cautious and are already looking for alternatives. Amazon’s own advertising network is doing really well and its US ad business is expected to grow by 50% this year.
  • AI on the rise — AI is a strong factor in programmatic advertising and it is set to develop even further in 2019, eliminating the guesswork in targeting, improving personalization of ads and improving engagement.

Will blockchain “make digital advertising great again”?

AdEx CEO Ivo Georgiev explains trustless payment channels for developers and hackers attending ETHParis.
  • Legitimacy of publishers and website/app visitors can be easily verified with unique cryptographic pairs
  • Unique cryptographic pairs may allow anonymity in the context of GDPR
  • Blockchain-fueled decentralization can reduce the number of middlemen in the traditional ad network, improving transparency and reporting
  • We introduced the AdEx protocol back in September 2018 with the aim of facilitating trading of advertising space/time, as well as the subsequent verification and proof that it actually occurred. In the beginning of 2019 we made a solid progress with the protocol and as a result there is a working AdEx advertising platform already on which advertisers and publishers can benefit from real traffic, real-time tracking and reporting directly accessible to platform users. Advertisers and publishers also don’t need intermediaries on the AdEx platform, cutting unnecessary costs.
  • In Q2 we are releasing the stable version of the AdEx platform and onboarding advertisers and publishers.

The AdEx Blog

This is the official blog of the AdEx advertising protocol

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The AdEx Blog

This is the official blog of the AdEx advertising protocol

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