The AdEx Protocol Recap [Updated Roadmap Inside]

It’s time for another update on the AdEx development and business roadmap

Jan 23, 2019 · 3 min read
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We are making solid progress with the AdEx protocol. This is why the initial AdEx roadmap doesn’t make much sense any more (unlike our Layer 2 solutions, can we get a woot-woot!) and is now deprecated.

What we had initially planned for January 2019 was v2 of the AdEx protocol — but we’re advancing much faster than expected and we’re already at v4.

Last September, we broadcast the first version of the AdEx protocol and its Ethereum implementation.

Then in October, we released the OCEAN Layer 2 scalability solution; later the same month we also announced the Cosmos and Polkadot implementations of the protocol.

December was another exciting month — we added the OUTPACE unidirectional payment channels to the AdEx protocol. We also broke the news about the AdEx Registry.

Yes. We’ve been busy — and we intend to keep things this way. One doesn’t change an entire industry just like that.

And now, here is what you can expect from Team AdEx in the upcoming months.

January 2019

This month, we will finalize the AdEx Protocol v4. We will design and implement the identity layer (in the Ethereum implementation); we’ll add the validator stack reference implementation; and we’ll get the third-party test suite for the validator stack done.

March 2019

In March, we will roll out the AdEx Marketplace.

In addition to this, there will be a new AdEx application based on protocol v4. We’re planning on it to be epic, here are the UX highlights:

  • Option to use any token;
  • The default token is the stable DAI;
  • Ability to use one profile with multiple crypto wallets;
  • Ability to run campaigns without having to actively manage the bidding process;
  • A wallet is required only for opening the campaign;
  • Dynamic bidding
  • Interact with the system w/o having to pay gas, etc.

May 2019

We will introduce the AdEx validator stack primitives in Rust.

The other improvement planned for May is quick accounts — these will allow users to open accounts on the dApp without a crypto wallet, by creating a time-locked temporary (burner) wallet which can be recovered through email if the user loses access.

July 2019

In July, we will release the first version of the AdEx Explorer. We will launch it together with our redesigned website.

August 2019

In August, we will present the 2.0 version of the validator stack. It will will bring significant technological improvements, most notably a DB abstraction for improved performance. Being focused on performance, this version will also come with a benchmarking suite.

September 2019

At the end of Q3 2019, we will roll out the AdEx Registry testnet.

We will also present the AdEx Registry prototype. The Registry, once launched, will allow validators to stake ADX to increase their visibility.

This is also when we will carry out the ADX token migration. Our current token contract was created a long time ago, and as a result it contains a few non-critical glitches. We plan to mitigate this by creating a new contract, and allowing users to migrate.

The upgrade will not change the monetary policy or economics, but it will give us an opportunity to reduce the token gas costs and create a more flexible and future proof token contract.

As they say, the best is yet to come — so stay tuned!

Roadmap last updated: May 2019

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