2/3: Space and Time in News Feed Context

From our Series “How Thinking Space and Time Will Fix The News Feed”

The News Feed consists of a series of posts and are in movement. For every new post that appears in your News Feed the previous posts moves from point A to B to C to D and so on. Posts are moving through Space and the Space you see is limited to your screen size.

There are varied ways of converting scientifical terms to the News Feed terms. My way is:

Space: Your screen
Time: Frequency of new Posts resulting in movement through Space
Density: Size of Content (Text + Photo + Video + Link = Density)
Gravity: Loading (up- and download) speed. Depends on compressing the Density of Content and the speed of your Internet connection.

The larger your screen is, the more posts it can consists of.

The less dense the Content is, the more Time you will have to move through Space.

The less gravity, the faster you can move through a denser Space and Time.

The fundamental structure of Facebook’s News Feed is broken. There are too many Posts in movement, because the structure of Facebook’s Space and Time is fundamentally limited. Even your own Profiles Timeline is limited where your Posts suddenly disappears to the black hole. The reason why Facebook’s feeds are broken is quite clear. The more people that are signing up to Facebook results in more people connecting. In time, an user connects with more People and more Pages resulting in a more Dense News Feed. Because of the too heavy fundamental structure of their News Feed and the amount of their userbase making/consuming more Posts, Facebook relies more and more in their inhumane algorithms. Simply because there is too much content in a limited Space and Time foundation.

They’re doing a great job and that they’re powering the worlds most successful News Feed. Well, that is because they don’t know more and we, the end-users, generally don’t have other solutions to compare it to, other than Twitters. To create a better solution, the answer lies in thinking different and bigger, simply as the Internet is different and bigger compared to a decade ago.

Product Design Director at Facebook asking a too light question to a heavy issue.

The fundamental structure of Twitter’s News Feed is broken. There are too many posts in movement, because the structure of Twitter’s Space and Time is fundamentally limited. The reason why it is broken is quite clear. The astonishingly imbalanced, elite-oriented inequality in their userbase resulting in a few percentage of the users having a massive amount of followers, while the other massive part have a few followers and end up tweeting to the black hole. Effect? People do not sign up for Twitter to tweet. People sign up to follow the elite. Twitter with their unfiltered and super dense News Feed serves you too much content in a limited Space and Time.

Personally I see Twitter as a sleeping monster with the most potential in the market. It feels like though that the monster fell asleep the moment it launched and it’s only their users that are making what Twitter is today: The best Live Event platform out in the market. The imbalanced product is holding it back from reaching its true potential. If the Twitter team gained back control to their product and found a way to close the black hole to activate their massive userbase that currently are tweeting to the black hole, they could really start growing. But as for now, the structure they introduced when launching hasn’t fundamentally followed the changes and needs we see as more people connect over time. Twitter was very good when not so many used it, and today it’s just a great way to follow the elite.

So… Where is the News Feed problem?
It’s in Posts. The amount of Posts.

Why is that?
A Post is a result from an Event compressed to one single post. If you want to cover more of the same Event, you either create an extra Post further affecting Time, Density and Gravity through the same Space or you create a more dense post (larger Post), further affecting Time, Density and Gravity.

The value is not in Posts, it’s in the Event behind the Post.

So the keywords are Space and Time?
Yes. The key question with Space and Time in News Feed context is:

How do we make the same Space less Dense and loosen its Gravity in order to create more Time?

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