3/3: Events and Balloon

From our Series “How Thinking Space and Time Will Fix The News Feed”

The answer lies in the Event that trickers the creation of the Post. The more we focus on creating an environment around the valuable Event, the more Posts we can experience, further shaping the valuable Event.

Everything that is happening around us are Events. Regardless what they are. If you are relaxing on a couch, it is an Event caused by a series of previous Events leading you to the relaxing moment. The following Event might be a productive Event. Everything are happening around Events.

The water coming out of the faucet is only a moment caused by the Event of rain creating a water ressource distributed through water pipelines and eventually to the faucet.

Posting a photo of the sunset is an Event full of before, present and future moments.

Balloon: Moment Oriented Micro Events

See, we’ve started one of the most exciting projects we have seen in a very long time. I am not saying this because it’s a project we are leading, but the thoughts of how a project like this can dramatically impact the social media market that is build around News Feeds. The spine of the Internet.

One of the most misunderstood things about the concept of News Feed is that it should consist of Posts. This is wrongthinking. A News Feed consists of multiple Events and Moments around you served as Posts. The true value lies in the Events themselves. In the near future those micro-event will become Balloons, opening up for a brand new News Feed experience and way of being connected.

What is so exciting about Balloon is how we are on a mission of building the content of the internet around what we call “Balloons”. A Balloon is a fluent and moment-oriented micro-event that is designed to consist a series of Posts.

There will always be too many Posts than you can manage in a News Feed. You know this from Facebook and you know this from Twitter. As today, when you miss a Post, you miss the important micro-event behind the Post. With Balloon you will have a much better overview of the micro-events happening around you. For every 10 Posts there is 1 Balloon. It no longer matters if you miss a Post in your News Feed, as you can find that Post inside a Balloon. Spreading Posts to micro-events and making Posts more accessable.

Our mission is to create a social network that allows people to connect in an authentic, interactive and simple way to enrich our eventful offline lives in an harmonious way.

Balloons will simply give the News Feed more Time through Events, regardless the size of Space, the amount of Density and the strength of Gravity. It will change how we understand and use the Internet.

The first decade is over. It’s time re-invent for the next.
A News Feed is a very important part of streamlining your internet experience. The News Feed we know today have been here for a decade and can not be here for another decade. It needs to be re-invented. At Balloon we have accepted the tremendous challenge of re-inventing the next generation of the News Feed and what we are discovering in our adventure is resulting in a huge excitement and motivation.

How are we doing it? You’ll just have to wait and see.

If you are interested in following our progress with Balloon make sure to follow our Publication where we will be sharing our adventurous Stories as we evolve and learn.

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