Dennis’ Christmas Wish

The 24th of December, Christmas Eve,

Dennis was excited, giddy with glee,

He had to look his best, wash his face and his paws,

He was off to the North Pole to see Santa Claus!

What presents did he want? He had to choose!

Did he want a puppy or some brand new shoes?

“I know!” He said, “I have the perfect gift

And he would keep that thought until he spoke to St Nick!

Off to the North Pole he went, it wasn’t too far to go,

He went past the ice rink, and the fields covered in snow,

Out there in the distance, he saw the bright lights,

The little elf village, the most beautiful sight!

He went up stairs and round the bend,

Past the Reindeer, Rudolph and friends!

Then he got to the door, and he got very nervous,

In big bold letters it said “Father Christmas

He knocked on the door and it opened quite slow,

Then came a voice that bellowed “Ho Ho Ho!”

There he was, in all his might,

It was Father Christmas, so big and so bright.

“Good evening Dennis. You’re just in time,

We’re making the last of the presents. Then I set off at 9!

“Hooray” said Dennis he had no time to lose,

So he told Santa, what he wanted to choose.

“What a lovely gift” thought Santa, one easy to pack,

So he told the Elves, who put it into the sack.

The next morning was Christmas, the best day of the year,

And Dennis woke up, full of Christmas cheer,

The day was perfect, full of presents and food,

His family and friends together, spreading the good mood!

“Wait!” Said Emily, “What about your present from Father Christmas?!

“Don’t worry” said Dennis, “he has granted my wishes!”

Dennis didn’t want new shoes or a pup,

He wanted something else, something you cannot wrap up,

He wanted a day that he could remember forever,

With everyone around him, all together,

Santa had given him this, his gift from above,

A day of family, a day full of love!