Dennis has a Picnic

Summer had come, the sun was high in the sky,

It was time for a picnic, with sandwiches and pies!

Dennis went to the kitchen, and got everything ready,

He put all the food in the basket, it almost broke it was so heavy!

— —

To the meadow he went and found a spot in the flowers,

It was warm and so pretty, “I’m going to be here for hours”.

The flowers were beautiful, an array of different colours,

There were blue ones and yellow ones, some taller than others!

— —

When his belly rumbled, he knew it was time to eat,

What shall I have first?” he thought, “Savoury or sweet?”

He was a good bear and had his sandwiches first,

Then the pork pie and some lemonade to quench his thirst!

— —

Next came desert, his favourite thing,

He had chocolate eclairs — on the inside was cream!

It was so big and delicious, a heavenly taste,

Tricky to eat though, he got cream all on his face!

— —

After the food, he got out his red kite,

And he started running, until it soared to great heights.

It dipped and it dived, gliding through the air,

Dennis was smiling so much, he was such a happy bear!

— —

When the kite finally came down, it was time go home,

So he packed all his stuff and skipped through the meadow,

When he got back to the house, he sat on the sofa,

What shall I do next?” he said, “What’s my next adventure?