Seven Stages of Coping With Colic # s00e02

Denial: the obvious statement “this isn't happening”.

Guilt: you blame yourself and think you are doing something wrong.

Avoidance: you offload diapers and night shifts to your beloved partner in order to get some peace and avoid the problem.

Loneliness: afraid friends will judge you based on her meltdowns, you isolate yourself from everyone else.

The Upward Turn: her crying starts to become white noise.

Working Through: you understand what makes her cry and now you work on ways to minimize it.

Acceptance & Hope: her crying is still there, but you can now cope with it and it’s no longer the first memory when you think about her. Her flailing arms while yawning, the look she gives you whenever she is awake and how comfortable she sleeps on your chest plays a way more important part in your life.

During the last week we've been through all those stages and learnt a lot, especially the joys of a good burp.

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