Top 5 Places to Sleep # s00e06

After weeks jumping from bassinet to bed back to co-sleeper I think I’m in a good position to tell you the best five spots for a long two hour sleep.

5) People chair (a.k.a. Ergo Baby)
Pros: erratic movements, warm, tight to carrier’s body
Cons: Mommy and Papai let anyone carry me.

4) Swing
Pros: extreme rocking, white noise system included, lambs on my head.
Cons: seat belts are required, Mommy and Papai go away

3) Grandma’s chest
Pros: smells nice, no interruptions
Cons: no longer available =(

2) It’s a tie between mommy’s left and right breast
Pros: natural pacifier, great pillow, provides heat and food
Cons: may leak, constantly interrupt to burp, phone screen brings unnecessary light.

1) Armpit
This place is hard to find, but it’s so good that it’s worth to crawl around your parents looking for it. Each of my parents have two, and they are located between their arms and chest. I usually use Papai’s armpit, but Mommy’s has the advantage of having the breast really close in case you get hungry. Fantastic spot. Highly recommend.
Pros: Provides heat, tight to parents’ body, no interruptions as they always fall asleep, close to food (Mommy only), smells nice (sometimes).

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