Christmas Song

It was time to come home from Mellyben. When we got the house where the planes live, I knew I would have to get in the plastic dog box kennel thing. I don’t like the box, but I kinda liked flying last time. I don’t know that many other dogs who can fly. I could feel the rush as we sped down the runway, but I couldn’t see outside, so I decided to have a nap.

When I woke up the plane was shaking, I started to feel a bit sick. Like the time that I drank the bubbly water at the wedding. My head was spinning and the plane wouldn’t stop shaking. I know it’s not far home, but I feel really yuk. When they take me off the plane, they complain. “Oh my god, what’s that smell?” I am horrified, I had a spew on the plane, in the plastic dog box. I start to feel cross, so I bark and growl at the guy carrying me. “No need to be like that,” he says. “Nobody likes a mad dog. I know I don’t.” And with that, he puts me on a moving kitchen table thing, that is really really long.

It’s kind of cool actually, and I am sure it will be quicker for Smithy to come and get me so we can go home. We go through a tunnel on the long moving table, and it gets all dark. When it gets light again, there lots of people standing around. Everyone is looking. And complaining. Or feigning sympathy.

“Poor little thing, he’s spewed all over himself.” Actually that’s not how it happened.

“Oh yuk someone is going to have to drive home with a stinky dog!” Well that is true enough.

“He probably got so scared he spewed, Mum.” Steady on, I wasn’t scared, I’m just not used to flying.

I’m circulating on something I hear a human call the “luggage carousel.” There are no other dogs here. Just bags. I’m going all the way around and just as I’m about to go back in the tunnel, I see my hero, Smithy, running to get me! “Oh dog!? What happened?! Get on the wines on the flight did ya?” He opens the box, snaps the lead on me, and we walk out, leaving the smelly, stupid plastic dog box behind. We head into Sydney town to do some Christmas Shopping. It’s night time in Sydney and I’m glad to be outside. So I wag my tail.

We are at Pitt St mall and I hear something, it sounds like another dog calling. I look around, because he sounds like he’s in trouble. It’s high pitched. I snap around behind me, and the noise is coming from a human! A human that has a gold pipey thing in his mouth, and that’s what’s making the sounds. Well. This is new. I sit down to listen, Smithy wants to keep walking, but I ain’t moving, so Smithy takes a seat at a nearby cafe and orders a glass of wine.

It doesn’t sound bad, this goldy pipey thing. Then one of the girl humans nearby starts to howl. I really like it. It’s high pitched and melodic. Girl dogs can’t make sounds as beautiful as that. I am transfixed. The girl human keeps up the beautiful howling, and other girl humans join in. They are all howling the same tune, in sync with the gold pipey thing and it sounds amazing. Then boy humans join in too. I look in sky and I can see the moon, it’s casting a light down onto the street where we are standing.

The humans are all howling together, at the moon, and it’s amazing. The humans at home don’t do this. They are wearing black, and they blend in with the night, apart from the beautiful noise they are making, which feels like it’s coming from the sky itself. A wave washes over me, I have to join in. I sit back and open my throat, and give a good howl. I can feel the vibration of the howls nearby in my chest, and I try to howl in time with them. Smithy looks at me funny.

Smithy jerks on my lead. I stop howling and look at him. “They’re singing,” he hisses at me. “Stop your howling.” Stop howling? I thought I was joining in, I thought we were all howling together, at the moon. I ignore him and keep howling, because I’m really enjoying myself, and the humans don’t seem to mind. So he offers me some of his wine, because he knows this will shut me up. He dips his glass down, and slurp my tongue in. I can taste toast not much acid, light body, and it’s a bit nutty. I can’t taste anything else because as I go for the second sip I start howling at the same time, and most of the wine spills down my front.

The humans start a different howl now, it sounds a bit happier than the first one. Then I notice lights behind them start turn on. They are green. And they are travelling upwards, really fast and then there’s a Christmas Tree, made of lights, topped with a yellow star! How do the humans do this stuff? Once the tree lit up the humans stopped singing, and everyone started to drift away. I wanted them to keep going, so I gave them a few last encouraging howls. I really wanted to clap, but I can’t because I’m a dog. Some of the howlers in black suits, stop and patted me on their way past. One even said “Thank you, buddy”. I just looked at Smithy with a knowing look, as if to say, I told you they liked me. Smithy looked back at me, shaking his head.

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