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A New Platform Aims to Make Small Satellites Plug-and-Play

Slingshot looks to advance on-orbit experiments using modular and autonomous technologies on next-generation satellite systems.

Aerospace engineers assembling payloads onto the Slingshot platform

Advancing Modularity for the Future of Space

The Slingshot platform uses a SatCat5 ethernet switch architecture, which is able to simultaneously provide high throughput and low power consumption.

A New Standard for SmallSats

Slingshot 1 Mission Readies for Launch

Slingshot will host 17 different payloads on a 12U Blue Canyon Bus smallsat.

Enabling New Opportunities for Space

  • VERTIGO — A modular attitude control system prototype that can enable satellites to point at targets on Earth.
  • BLINKER — A GPS transponder for space traffic management.
  • HYPERA hydrogen peroxide thruster.
  • LASERCOMM — A next-generation space/ground lasercom downlink.



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