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Building a Better Space Suit

To put astronauts on the moon and Mars, NASA needs a new EVA suit — the first in 40 years. Here’s what the suit needs to do and how it’s being designed.

Artemis Generation spacesuits: NASA’s advanced exploration extravehicular mobility unity or xEMU is designed to support lunar surface expeditions. (Image: NASA)

What is NASA’s space exploration vision?

The current EMU (left), along with prototypes of the new exploration spacesuit. Image credit: NASA

What are NASA’s goals for a redesigned EVA suit? What does it need to be able to do that previous versions could not?

What challenges do you hope to address in the future for the EVA Office?

NASA’s “Biomimicry” Z-2 prototype suit cover layer draws from an environment with many parallels to the harshness of space: the world’s oceans. Mirroring the bioluminescent qualities of aquatic creatures found at incredible depths, and the scaly skin of fish and reptiles found across the globe, this design reflects the qualities that protect some of Earth’s toughest creatures. Image credit: NASA

What kind of support does your group offer for the planning and execution of spacewalks on board the ISS?

What is involved with pre-planning to ensure the safety of each spacewalk?

What kinds of new tool designs are in process or already developed to aid the crew during spacewalks?



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