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How We’ll Access the Water on Mars

A scientist explains why finding ice on the Red Planet is only part of the challenge.

In this illustration, NASA astronauts drill into the Mars’ subsurface. The agency is creating new maps that show where ice is most likely to be easily accessible to future astronauts. Credit: NASA

Is there water on Mars? If so, how much?

NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander shows the trench, called ‘Dodo-Goldilocks,’ lacking lumps of ice seen previously. The ice had sublimated, a process similar to evaporation, over the course of four days. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Texas A&M

How significant is mining this water to colonizing Mars?

What is required to mine for water on Mars? What are some of the challenges?

What is a Rodriguez Well? Why was it chosen for study?

How do you mimic the Mars environment?

What comes next in your work on this?



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