Ron discussing Autism, Affinity, and Education at Harvard School of Education

TAP believes that aligning educational objectives with learner passions can not only bring those along who would otherwise be left behind — but unleash the potential in all of us. Doing so scalablity is a challenge. Doing so within the constructs of the factory model of education makes it even more difficult. But there must be a way and we’re committed to finding one with you.

This forum was held in conjunction with the Disability and Equity @ Work: The Power of Policy, Myth and Practice from Higher Education to Employment conference.

Ron speaking about Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism, the book and award-winning documentary about reaching his autistic son through Disney characters. He engaged in conversation with Michael Stein of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability and HGSE Professor Tom Hehir.