An Open Letter To My Childhood Hero — The Crocodile Hunter

Never has a nickname been less apt, or a man more inspiring.

Image Credit–TonyFrosby/Reddit. Full confession: I took this pic of Tim Denning’s great article on Steve Irwin. You should totally check it out.

Dear Steve,

I am writing this letter to you, but it is pointless. You are dead.

You died 15 years ago, floating in the cold and lonely ocean, pierced through the chest by a stingray barb. Your last words, muttered…




Hi, I’m Alvin. I’m a martial artist, entrepreneur and writer based out of Singapore. I’m on a quest to go from starving artist to the millionaire writer of my dreams. Follow my journey here!

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Alvin Ang

Alvin Ang

👑 Former contestant on “The Apprentice.” Current Top Writer on Medium.

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