You Are Rich.

I mean very wealthy. Everytime I visit the villages and rural parts of Kenya I realize how blessed the poor are. When someone who has water for breakfast, water for lunch and maize (corn) for dinner still has the strength to praise God, it puts us all to shame. They have such deep and wide reservoirs of faith because that’s all they have. I think of the number of times I have complained about things that have no earthly or heavenly consequence and yet our gracious God still hears me. We the 1% — (if you’re reading this you’re in the “wealthy” category by world standards, which has the very low, low bar of food, shelter and access to sanitation), are living in a dream world. Someone else’s dream world made up of 3 meals a day and clean clothes and the ability to read and walk and hire a babysitter and go to the doctor. We are rich. You know all those times you say “if I had Bill Gates money I would…”? Well, you’re Bill Gates to someone. I challenge you all to not just give money but dignity and access (to your networks) and time. Poor people don’t just want money, they want to be heard.

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