A Double-Quote on the Postmodern Character of War?

Even though Postmodernism is largely nonsense.

“In the future, war will not be waged by armies but by groups whom today we call terrorists, guerrillas, bandits and robbers, but who will undoubtedly hit upon more formal titles to describe themselves.”
- Martin Van Creveld, The Transformation Of War, 197.

“I very much foresee a common hybridization. The military is becoming more civilian and in a way we’ve already witnessed the militarization of civilian societies…the conventional force will become more specialized…and the special forces will be conventionalized. The formal logic of soldiering is very much going to change. In many occasions we have already been breaking away from the idea of mass conscription but it is going to become much more professional — a deeply professionalized kind of organization in which people probably will serve or need to serve most of their lives. It is an army without soldiers; I think we are talking about a different kind of element which will provide the individual component of the system. An organ without a body and soldiers without uniforms.”

- Shimon Naveh