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The Immersive KIND Village and NFT Gallery joins forces with MaisonDAO and Fumigene for a “meet me” in the Metaverse fashion show with Ready Player Me avatars

Press Release

In the area designed for this collaboration, galleries will be easily accessible from the main hall and provide more intimate and curated spaces to fit a variety of NFT artworks and wearable collections.

High level galleries and gantries will offer alternative views of the huge hall with the Rainbow Runway as the main focus. The materials used for the new galleries contrast with the rawness of the hall. In some of the galleries reflective, otherworldly surfaces and textures subvert how art is experienced. In others, a calm space is rendered using familiar materials to provide a moment of contemplation and a place to pause.

Digital fashion and music will be featured heavily in this space, bringing in collaborators from around the world. With the capacity to hold large gatherings of people on multiple levels, the hall is a venue unlike any other in the Metaverse.

We welcome collaborators and look forward to bringing the Immersive KIND NFT Gallery to life.

“Studio Multi’s interest in repurposing abandoned industrial spaces has been brought to life in the Metaverse through the Immersive KIND NFT Gallery; a test-bed for ideas in both the physical and virtual worlds. We are excited to be working with Kadine James and Spatial, opening this to a digital community for cultural, social and educational means.” – Nicola Rutt, Studio Multi.

“The Immersive KIND Village, hosted on Spatial, is an incredible piece of industrial architecture. I am so excited to be partnering with the superb MaisonDAO and Fumigene team and the outstanding Jessica James and Jessica Avarello to bring the Immersive KIND Metaverse Runway to life and to create a space that can be accessed virtually. The opportunity to work together with the finest artists and creators in digital fashion is a dream come true. Our space will be re-imaged for this extraordinary meta runway show where together we will explore the future of architecture, digital art and crypto fashion. We are thrilled to be partnering with the iconic Ready Player Me team who are pioneers. I will also continue to collect and support the next generation of artists. The Immersive KIND, MaisonDAO and Fumigene on Spatial will be an iconic moment for pop culture and will allow our visitors to interact as we would in the physical world. I am extremely inspired by the endless possibilities that this presents to connect to future audiences at scale all over the globe.” – Kadine James, The Immersive KIND.

“We are driven by the mission to increase accessibility in the Metaverse. We’re impassioned by projects that are unique and carry a cultural impact. In partnership with The Immersive KIND and MaisonDAO, we’re excited to bring the runway to life in a new and innovative way.” – Ready Player Me.

“Our goal with MaisonDAO is to break the barriers of what is possible in the Metaverse fashion. Partnering up with the highest quality projects and collectives is deep in our DNA and thanks to close collaboration with Amel Alem of Fumigene and Kadine James of The Immersive KIND gallery, we are showcasing our debut drop on the 15th of June. Official partners for this event are Spatial, Polygon, Polygon Studios and Ready Player Me.

Premiere drop includes NFTs from amazing MaisonDAO artists Jessica Avarello, Chafik Zerrouki, Jessica James, Estelle Pearce and digital fashion brand HONEY. I am thrilled about the potential of #GrowingTogether in this ecosystem of trailblazers and ultra-talented creatives and looking forward to this and next Metaverse fashion events that are coming this year.” – Simon Miko, MaisonDAO.


Studio Multi is a new architectural studio based in London and Amsterdam. The ‘Multi’ in our name refers to an open, collaborative, and pluralistic way of working. In our experience, open collaboration with other disciplines and industries is central to the creation of new ideas and innovations. We design sustainable buildings, retrofits, and places with resilience for future adaptation and re-use. Contact us:; Instagram @studiomulti_arch/


The Immersive KIND is a multidisciplinary digital art and crypto fashion studio specializing in VR, AR, MR, XR, AI, immersive technologies, and game engine software (such as Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine 4). Contact us:; Instagram @immersivekind/


Spatial is the Metaverse for culture. Whether on web, mobile, or VR, in Spatial users can customize a virtual space and gather for NFT exhibitions, conferences, lectures, meetups and watch parties. And all it takes is a few clicks to set up your space or join. Spatial was founded in 2016 with the goal of making designing experiences for high quality 3D collaboration easy and accessible. Spatial is equipped with tools and integrations to make setting up your own space a seamless creative process. Contact us:; Twitter @spatialxr ; Facebook @spatialxr


MaisonDAO is a multi-disciplinary project set in the Metaverse focused on digital fashion/street-wear and art. Our Art-Tech collective is focused on delivering top quality digital fashion experiences through decentralized collaborations and 3d world-building. Our motto is #GrowingTogether. Contact us: ; Instagram


Fumigene is the most exquisite virtual NFT art gallery using Polygon blockchain where you can collect exclusive digital artworks made by cutting-edge artists. From art to fashion to music, we promote a shortlist of the best creators and offer them the possibility to put up on sale their digital artworks as a ERC-721 Non-Fungible-Token. We provide a free mint and faster transactions platform by the help of proof-of-stake technology. Contact us: ; Instagram @fumigenenft/



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