The Tao of Blogging is on sale now!!!

Step right up, get your electronic enlightenment delivered to your favorite device right here.

This is the PDF version

I’m still trying to figure out the Amazon e-book format and the print on demand option, but supporters of our book and the cause of literacy can buy a finished copy of The Tao of Blogging as a fully interactive pdf file, where readers can link to every writer and photographer who has contributed to the creation of this book.

Why Gumroad?

Gumroad has the lowest fees for self-publishers, so this will help us maximize our contribution to the literacy non-profits I’ve listed previously. If we get enough sales to amount to anything, we could divide up contributions to various literacy groups. If you have a deserving literacy charity, please send me your recommendation in the comments or email me here.

For our writers

As I promised, every writer will receive a copy of the book for free. You will need to send me your email to get your copy.

Printed Copies

The paperback version will cost about $4.00 plus shipping. Details will be forthcoming.

Thanks Again

To everyone who contributed: the writers, photographers, editors, quote searchers and last but not least, my sincere thanks to the two followers who have shown me so much support throughout the grueling process of creating this book, Bob and Jane from Minnesota. Go Vikings!