The Best Places to Buy Basketball Cards Online

The Best Online Shops to Buy Sports Cards— From Base Cards to High-End, Rare Parallel, Short Print, SSP, Rookie & Refractor Basketball Cards


The oldest and biggest online marketplace and auction site is a great place to start your search for whatever it is you’re looking for in terms of baseball cards, other sports cards, and sports memorabilia of all kinds.

With thousands and thousands of sellers, it’s usually pretty likely that you can find what you need in some form or another. Drawbacks to buying on eBay include dealing with sellers yourself, especially if something goes wrong; sometimes hefty shipping and handling fees; hassles should you need to make a return; and difficulties finding really unusual items.

Still, all in all, eBay remains the #1 option when it comes to buying sports cards online.

Check out eBay basketball card listings here


Hundreds (or more!) of card dealers maintain their own websites and most of those allow you to buy cards online.

A simple Google search will turn up tons of these sites, but here are some of the best online dealers with the most trusted reviews and least negative customer experiences.


If you’re looking for sports trading card singles, your best best is most likely going to be on eBay. But if you’re in the market for hobby/retail boxes or cases — then you’re probably going to want to purchase from one of the dealers mentioned below. You don’t want to risk buying a hobby box that could have been tampered with by an individual seller.

For High-End Sports Cards — It’s better to go with an auction house or high-end seller to avoid paying a ridiculous amount in eBay fees. With that in mind, collectors looking to purchase sports cards over $5,000 — it makes more sense to deal with an auction house or High-End Sports card store. It’s much more safe than sending $5–10K+ to some random dude (or chick) on eBay.

Sellers should be aware that by using using an auction house to sell your cards, be prepared to pay hefty commissions. Another draw back to buying from an auction house is that the wait to actually receive your purchase can be a pretty lengthy process.

For those unwilling to wait — purchase from a high-end seller.

The Jordan Collection is a High-End Basketball Card Dealer that boasts one of the largest selections of high-end and ultra premium basketball cards found online. Here you’ll find an exclusive collection Limited Edition, Short-Print, SSP’s, Rare Refractors & Rookie Basketball Cards.

The Jordan Collection is home to some of the most rare and valuable cards from the 90’s to today’s players — including some 1 of 1’s that can’t be found anywhere else. Many of the cards found here will be out of collector’s buying range and/or budgets. But for distinguished collectors with expensive taste and money to spend — The Jordan Collection is the #1 Seller of High-End Sports cards.

Shop High-End 2020–21 NBA Rookie Cards
Shop High-End 2019–20 NBA Rookie Cards
Shop High-End 2018–19 NBA Rookie Cards
Shop High-Rookie Cards of NBA Legends
Shop High-End LeBron James Rookie Cards
Shop High End Michael Jordan Inserts & Refractors
Shop High-End Panini Prizm Basketball Cards
Shop High-End Panini Select Basketball Cards


A break is where people share a box or case of cards by dividing up the product by team, player or some other method.

With the popularity of card breaks, the types of breaks out there are almost anything you can dream up. For this discussion, I will give some basic breakdowns of the more popular variants out there:

PYT: The classic break is the Pick Your Team (PYT) break alluded to in the above example. You purchase a single team in the break and get all the cards that have that team on the card.

Random/Drafted Breaks: While the PYT is the more classic style of breaks, by far the most common type of break you will find are the non-PYT’s. Most times you will hear them just referred to generically as “breaks” if it is a single product (e.g. 3 boxes of Bowman Draft, etc.) or a “mixer” if it is a combination of products (e.g. 1 box of Bowman Draft, 1 box of Bowman Baseball, 1 box of Bowman Chrome).

Spots in these breaks are usually sold as a single team spot (30 spots) or a three-team spot (10 spots), although you will occasionally find other combinations. Since you are not buying a team but rather a spot, the way teams are determined for the spot purchasers is either through randomizing the teams or through a draft, usually snake style (spot purchasers are randomized for the draft order).

Personal Breaks: A fair amount of breakers offer the ability to purchase a box or multiple boxes all for yourself, referred to as a Personal break or just Personals. This is especially convenient when products are hard to come by for any number of reasons.

The breaker (a sports card dealer) opens all the packs in the box, typically live-streaming the opening, and every card goes to the purchaser. It’s a fun and exciting way of sharing a big hit (or disappointment) with an audience.

After spending well over $50,000 on personal live breaks, Dave & Adams and Layton Sports Cards are the only two i’ve never had an issue with. From the live break to receiving the cards in the same condition without any shady tactics or mistakes — these two sellers have been by far the best I’ve personally dealt with over the years.


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High-End, Short-Print, SSP, Basketball Card Rookies & Refractors. Voted #1 High-End Sports Card Shop Online — 2022

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