Meet the Alamo Volunteers: John Tyler

John Tyler

How long have you volunteer at the Alamo?

20 years 
What attracted you to volunteer at the Alamo?

The friendship with the curator and later the growing friendship with the education dept. members. 
What’s your favorite thing about your volunteering at the Alamo?

An opportunity to share knowledge with others and do so on hallowed ground. 
What’s your favorite historical fact, figure or story at the Alamo?

The fact that the Alamo is but a part of a fairly well-planned campaign to return a province to national sovereignty but to unravel in the end. 
What’s your favorite place in San Antonio?

The McNay art gallery in Alamo Heights. I like art in a peaceful environment. 
Any tips for someone planning a visit to the Alamo?

Show up on a weekday not during the school term. Take the battle field tour, preferably led by Dr. Winders. If you must show up on the weekend, then go on the 1st Saturday in the mid-morning when everyone is fresh.