Meet the Alamo Volunteers: Richard Sellinger

How long have you volunteered at the Alamo?

I joined The Alamo as a Docent 15 years ago. 
What attracted you to volunteer at the Alamo?

My degree is in Texas and U.S. History. I have always had a passion for The Alamo and its place in the history of America. 
What’s your favorite thing about your volunteering at the Alamo?

Having the opportunity to tell the story of The Alamo to people from all over the world is the most rewarding aspect of being a docent. 
What’s your favorite historical fact, figure or story at the Alamo?

James Butler Bonham’s return to The Alamo is probably one of the most heroic efforts in America’s history. Seeing that San Antonio was surrounded and probably knowing that garrison was doomed he returned to the mission on the morning of March 3rd 1836 in broad daylight caring messages of hope. 
What’s your favorite place in San Antonio?

The Riverwalk on any evening is a wonderful place to be. Growing up in San Antonio I remember when the Casa Rio restaurant was the only business on what is now The Riverwalk. 
Any tips for someone planning a visit to the Alamo?

If someone is coming to The Alamo for the first time I would strongly recommend that they go see The Price of Freedom at The Rivercenter Mall before coming to The Alamo. Once you arrive taking the audio tour is very beneficial.