The A-Z of the Alamo

During the summer, lines to get into the Alamo Church can get very long.

Avoid: Long lines by visiting early or late in the day. If the line stretches to the corner of Crockett St., the wait is approximately 20 minutes.

Bella: If you see a fluffy tortious shell cat, give her a pet, take a photo (and share it to her Twitter @BellaAlamoCat), and leave her be — she’s our official cat and lives on site.

Comfy Shoes: when visiting the Alamo, and sightseeing in San Antonio in general, wear comfortable footwear because there’s a lot of walking to do.

Defenders: learn more about the Alamo Defenders before or after your visit by visiting our website:

Extended Hours: Memorial Day — Labor Day visitation hours are from 9:00a.m.-7:00p.m.

Pictured: Alamo Living Historians conducting a firing demonstration

Firing Demos: Visit the Living History Encampment and watch as Living Historians explain and demonstrate the process of loading and firing 1830s muskets and rifles. Demos are Friday-Sunday, 11:30a.m. and 2:00p.m.

Gardens: Be sure to visit the beautiful Alamo gardens and check out the abundance of wildlife, variety of plants, and cool down on a hot summer day.

Pictured: A section of the Alamo Gardens.

Hot: There’s no getting around it, it is HOT in the summer! Be sure to prepare for the weather by drinking lots of water as well as protecting your skin from the bright summer sun.

Information: There are many places on site to learn more about the Alamo- watch the orientation film, visit “The Alamo: A Story Bigger Than Texas,” read the Wall of History, interact with Living Historians in the Encampment, or talk to a staff member!

Just steps away from the famous Riverwalk.

Knowledge: Ready to plan your trip or learn more about the site? Visit our website for a wealth of information!

Living History Encampment: Alamo Living History staff provide live living history demonstrations for visitors on the grounds daily. These demonstrations include period impressions, firing demonstrations, and various other activities, such as fire starting, textiles, leather working, etc.

Map of the Grounds: Need a little help getting around the grounds? Pick up a brochure from the Welcome Center, the front gate, or the Church. Print one off here:

Unlike John Wayne’s Alamo movie, the Alamo is actually in the middle of a vibrant city.

Not John Wayne’s Alamo: Why do we say that? So often guests arrive expecting the Alamo to be in the middle of the desert but it’s not, it’s in the middle of our vibrant city and within walking distance of many popular attractions!

Orientation Film: First time to the site or need a refresher? Take a seat under the arbor and watch the 17 minute orientation film, which begins with the founding of the mission, the Battle of the Alamo, and the modern history of the Alamo and city of San Antonio.

Pictured: Preservation work inside the Alamo Church.

Preservation work ongoing! What does this mean for your visit? That some areas of the historic structures may be closed while the preservation team is at work. Read more about the work being done at

Questions: If you have questions about tours, daily schedules, upcoming events, or history, please ask staff at the Welcome Center, docents, staff in red shirts, or the Living Historians.

Restrooms: Located at the back of the property next to the vending machines

Souvenirs: Did your visit get you into the spirit and you just have to have a coonskin cap like David Crockett? We understand, head over to the gift shop to pick up that perfect souvenir. Don’t forget, we also have a gift shop location directly across the street from the Church, next to the Visitor Information Center.

The Alamo offers a variety of tours, like the Weapons of the Alamo tour and the Young Texans Tour.

Tours: Would you like to enhance your visit with a guided tour? We have many options! Tours may sell out early in the summer, so book yours in advance online:

Updates: Keep an eye on our social media channels (@OfficialAlamo) for upcoming events, preservation updates, and so much more!

Vending Machines: Do you need water or perhaps a quick snack? There are vending machines as well as the Gift Shop Café located at the back of the property.

Welcome Center: Make this your first stop on your visit to the Alamo! Pick up a brochure, schedule a tour, or ask questions here.

[E]Xhibit: Due to ongoing preservation work, the exhibit formerly located in the Long Barrack has been relocated to the Alamo Annex, on the opposite side of the Church.

Young Texans Tour: We’ve already mentioned the other tours but we even have a special tour just for the young folks! This tour engages kids 5–12 in a hands-on adventure while also incorporating TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) they’ve learned throughout the school year.

Zero: That’s how much it costs to visit the Alamo! If you’d like to take a self-guided tour of the site, you may do so absolutely free of charge.