This tells me that it’s all play. It tells me that the unknowns will slowly become knowns over time — naturally.
Who do you want to be?
Jonas Ellison

“It’s all play.”

That’s the key. After a crazy month filled with “whys”, “what nows”, and “where tos”, never mind the “whens” and the “hows”, I am on a self-declared staycation to get clear and re-grounded.

Today is Day #1, and Jonas … you just handed me a key.

“It’s all play.” How quickly we forget.

We can make a decision — I want to be {insert dream here} — after which, in all likelihood, we'll freeze or be in some way disatisfied with our response to that declaration. The weight of expectation can be fierce and built into it is the conception of it as a straight line: I am here and I want to be there … now go.

“It’s all play.” The thought opens my child mind (I believe we all have one no matter our age) and conjures an image of a winding pathway drawn on a treasure map, leading me through mythical forests, up and around magic mountains, deep into hidden caves and across bottomless lakes with misty shorelines of unknown lands.

There’s a big red ‘X’ somewhere on that map, but the adventure of the journey is where we learn about ourselves — what we’re capable of, what matters, what scars, and what strengthens — and where we play with this world.

It’s in the play, in the slow unveiling of what had been unknown, that makes a story … and a life. Without it, there would be no Hero’s Journey.

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