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The Aleph

Monitor Lizard from Palawan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Monitor your Octez Node on Kubernetes


Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

k9s --kubeconfig=k8s-1-24-4-do-0-sfo3-1666988274276-kubeconfig.yaml
export KUBECONFIG=k8s-1-24-4-do-0-sfo3-1666988274276-kubeconfig.yaml

Deploy the Monitoring Stack into your Cluster

helm repo add prometheus-community
helm install dok8s-monitoring prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack

Install Octez

enabled: true
release: dok8s-monitoring
helm repo add oxheadalpha
helm install -f values.yaml tezos oxheadalpha/tezos-chain

Installing Grafazos

Going further

Wrapping Up




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