Conversation Snippets at All-Mart

As an All-Mart associate, I hear some random things. You’d think that I would hear weird things primarily from customers. The opposite is true. I hear most of the weird things I hear from associates in the back room.

One example is one day I overheard an associate telling another, “Remember young man, macaroni is the heart of All-Mart.” I have absolutely no context for this conversation. I like to think that this associate’s father told him this at some point. Or perhaps, he overheard a customer saying this to his son. As associates, we are told that the customer is the heart of All-Mart. I could understand that, but macaroni? No. I like to envision what kind of situation prompted this exchange, but alas, I will never know.

Another example, that’s not quite as thought provoking: “Don’t mess with old people. They didn’t get old by being stupid.” Again, I don’t know the context of the conversation that this associate was having, but I took it to heart. That associate had a good point. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I shall never cross an old person.

I’m glad I don’t work solely with customers. Don’t get me wrong, I like helping people, but I don’t think I could do just that as my job. I would have to deal with some crazy ones. While in the back room one day, I heard a conversation between two associates. One associate (who works in the pharmacy) was yelled at by a customer because all of her husband’s prescription refill numbers began with ‘666.’ For those of you who don’t know, ‘666’ is considered to be the Mark of the Beast in some Christian traditions. The associate who had to deal with the irate customer, being Mormon, didn’t know this. I felt a little bad for the associate but still found this amusing nonetheless.