5 Plant-Based, Meatless Burgers That Will Make You Question Your Meat Obsession

Let’s face it — most of us love the occasional hearty burger from time to time. Rather than feeling guilty about it, we can make better burger choices.

Before you oppose at the thought of fake or bland veggie burgers, you can find plant-based, meatless burgers that rival traditional burgers by visiting the right restaurants. The greatness of veggie burgers at these restaurants lie in the combination of simple, wholesome ingredients as well as unique flavor.

La Mar’s Quinoa Burger

Photo: La Mar

Open by celebrity chef Gastón Acurio, La Mar serves high-end, authentic Peruvian food at San Francisco’s Embarcadero. And their Quinoa Burger is a little gem. It was created by Chef Diego Oka for the James Beard Foundation’s Better Burger Project, challenging restaurants “to make a ‘better burger’ [that was] delicious, healthier, and more sustainable.”

This burger is comprised of Panko crusted quinoa, lettuce, mango rocoto chutney, and tzatziki sauce in an Acme bun. When you bite into the burger, the texture is hearty, not mushy like other burgers. The lightly toasted buns add extra crunchiness to the burger, while the mango chutney adds an extra zing that completes the dish. ORDER NOW

Gracias Madre’s Black Bean Burger

Gracias Madre, a plant-based Mexican restaurant, opened by Café Gratitude, is located in the Mission district in San Francisco. Gracias Madre serves organic, locally sourced, meat- and dairy-free version of Mexican foods such as guacamole, enchiladas, and tacos.

One of Gracias Madre’s best sellers Black Bean Burger is made with black bean patty, topped with escabeche and chipotle aioli, and served with pineapple jalapeno coleslaw. Chef Chandra Gilbert created the beefy quality of the patty by blending mushrooms, beans, onions, and beets, giving the patty the red, rare quality in a traditional burger. ORDER NOW

Bareburger’s Be My Burger

Photo: Bareburger

Located in Hell’s Kitchen & Murray Hill in Manhattan, Bareburger is a casual American restaurant chain that serves organic & all-natural burgers.

This restaurant is deemed a paradise for vegans and vegetarians. For instance, you can create your own veggie burger by selecting from over ten options of vegetables such as spinach and green leaf. You can then select your own patty from quinoa to black bean to sweet potato, and more. They also have plenty selection of sauces and add-ons, such as Curry Ginger Ketchup. And you get to choose your bun, from sprouted to gluten-free to others. ORDER NOW

Pure Ktchn’s Rainbow Burger

Photo: Pure Ktchn

Pure Ktchn is a vegan-friendly restaurant based in Manhattan that serves fresh, healthy meals created by nutritionists. Their dishes contain nothing fried and have no added sugars.

We love their Rainbow Burger, which comprises of sesame seed whole wheat bun, sweet potato-black bean-quinoa patty, kale, pesto, beetroot hummus, cashew cheese, and portobello “bacon”. This unique combination gives this burger a meaty and hearty texture. It’s gorgeously filling, but without the heaviness of a traditional burger. ORDER NOW

Quintessence’s Original Burger

Photo: Quintessence

To boost your health by an extra notch, try Manhattan’s Quintessence, an innovative, gourmet restaurant that serves homemade, organic, vegan, and mostly raw food.

We love their signature Q’s Original Burger, made with a raw “meatless” patty sandwiched with gluten-free vegan cooked burger buns with all the burger fixings, served with a side of home-made coleslaw. The richness of flavor, combined with wholesome ingredients, make this burger an ideal choice for a health-conscious person like you. ORDER NOW

by Nicole Lana and Dimitri Nikulin