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Allset stands with Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, a European democratic country, and started a full-scale war. While you’re reading this, Russia is bombing Ukrainian cities, killing innocent civilians in acts of unprecedented violence.

We stand with Ukraine and strongly condemn the Russian invasion of the peaceful and free Ukraine.

It’s an attack not only on Ukraine but the whole civilized world, and the Ukrainian army and people in Ukraine are now on the frontline.

Allset is founded by Ukrainians, we have our team members and their families in Ukraine. Our hearts are with them. 🙏

We have individual Allsetters fighting for their homeland and risking their lives. The company and team members are donating funds to the Ukrainian army and various humanitarian organizations. Any help is so important right now, and we kindly encourage you to support Ukraine in any way you can.

Here’s how to help

Quick Options:
➡️ via National Bank of Ukraine
➡️ via Monobank
➡️ via WayForPay






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