Restoring Balance


In Panteion University we have a class, a lab actually, called Crisis Lab and it is done under Betty Tsakarestou and Mrs. Mania guidance. For the end of the semester, we’ve been told to do a crisis simulation, so they gave us an assignment, in which we had to prove that we can deal with a crisis in a “hands-on” experience. Our team was a catering company and had one significant job: through this simulation we had to act as fast as we could when we realised a crisis was near. Below you will read our steps and thoughts in order to manage the crisis.

As a spokeman of Alma catering enterprse, I would like to ensure that these days was a series of unfortunate incidents that was bad not only for the company ALMA but also for the Greek ministry, the whole community and offcourse those people who suffered.

As we mentioned in our other statements we immidiatly had checks throughtout the whole process and as we suspected all the researches showed that nothing from Alma catering affected the two hostes of the Melia Hotel ,the accidents that took place on Monday 9 January 10:00 pm and on Tuesday 10 January 12:00 am.

Even so, despite the fact that we knew that Alma catering was not responsible all these days we were in contact with the headquarters in Zurich in order to fix the problem and do all the needed processes to maintain the name and guarantee of the company ALMA.

Finally having the results only proved what we had already known and with that fact we now want to let the community know as well that we are a trust worthy company as we have been for all these years. We have contacted the hostes of the Melia Hotel, to get in contact with the two members of the accident to inform them about the results firtsly and then to know about their health. In addition because Alma company based on honesty and responsibility we invited the members of the accident to dine all together one of these days just because we would like to make their stay just a little nicer after that inconvinience.

As media are concerned we had published two press releases informing our statement but we had no place to point fingers without the official results. Now that we do have them Alma catering is always in place to answer every question about the accident through. We are glad that despite of all the untrue articles and blames ,we succedded not to be ruined. We are looking forward to helping everyone and thank you for your patience. We hope that after we answer everything you need balance will be restored. Thank you.

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