The social media thunder

In Panteion University we have a class, a lab actually, called Crisis Lab and it is done under Betty Tsakarestou and Mrs. Mania guidance. For the end of the semester, we’ve been told to do a crisis simulation, so they gave us an assignment, in which we had to prove that we can deal with a crisis in a “hands-on” experience. Our team was a catering company and had one significant job: through this simulation we had to act as fast as we could when we realised a crisis was near. Below you will read our steps and thoughts in order to manage the crisis.
Having already published a press release that ended our involvement in the matter we were available for any other media interviews in order to restore the balance that had compromised our company’s reputation. Social Media where one of the media channels that addressed us and we were happy to answer.

Here we present the questions and the answers we gave:

1) The working staff at the day of the meeting, it has been part of your company for a long time now? Are they trust-worthy people or you have done new recruitment lately?

Concerning our staff, we would like to highlight that it is consisting of people of absolute reliability and trust. The excellent training and continuing education are their basic characteristics. We have selected a variety of partners with exquisite progress at their posts and open-minded to new trends at the sector of catering worldwide. Main concern for our staff is not else but primarily to ensure the integrity of the health and safety of our customers and to provide them a unique dining experience.

2) Health and safety procedures implemented by the company are made at regular periods? Are they reliable?

Initially, as we emphasized in the press release which you have received, Alma is an established catering company both within Greece and abroad. In the ten years of our operation has never been created any kind of incident that could undermine the trust, the integrity and our image to the world. We know very well that there is no haute cuisine without the quality of raw materials and the meticulous production, for this reason we take care about it in full. So, referring to the health and safety systems that Alma adopts, we would like to point out that they are the best control systems, with quality certification from ISO HACPP, with which our company is organized at all stages throughout the whole production duration. What is more, Alma has its own internal control system, HamNet, for ensuring the safety and the hygiene. Checks are carried out regularly and in a repetitive way, with special care, in order to guarantee the excellent quality of our products and services.
Our aim is to offer incomparable catering quality, offering the freshest ingredients and the best service, which ensures the complete coverage and satisfy of our customers’ s needs.
Thank you!
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