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Giovanni Reyna: the American Dream

Artwork by Pradipta Alessandro.

Player profile

Roles in build-ups

Reyna slightly drops to midfield and pulls Baptiste Santamaria’s focus on him. This opens a clear passing lane for Jude Bellingham in the middle.
Again, Reyna drops and stretches the opponents’ midfield pairing. This opens a vertical passing lane for Hummels to find Håland.

Great spatial awareness

Playing as a right-sided attacking midfielder, Reyna receives a progressive pass from Emre Can.
Reyna notices the ample space, runs into it, and receives the inside pass from Raphaël Guerreiro.
The teenager notices the space inside RasenBallsport Leipzig’s defensive block and decides to attack it. Seconds later, the Brandt and Reyna connection successfully sets up Håland’s opening goal.

Elite passer

Reyna helps Can and Hazard to bridge Dortmund’s flank-to-flank play.
The teenager finds the overlapping Thomas Meunier in the right flank. A common sight in Dortmund’s attacks.
Reyna finds Håland in behind and sets him up for the first goal.
Håland and Reyna are probably the most dangerous youngster combination across Europe.

Potential issues

Reyna receives the ball in open space. However, his bad touch allows Dominic Volkmer to come and attempt a tackle on him.
Instead of combining with Jadon Sancho or driving forward, Reyna plays the ball backward to Guerreiro. That’s because of his wrong body orientation when receiving the ball.

Final thoughts



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