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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Spider-Man No Way Home MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe Peter Parker Tom Holland MJ Michelle Jones-Watson Zendaya Dr. Stephen Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Green Goblin Norman Osborn Willem Dafoe Doctor Octopus Doc Ock Dr. Otto Octavius Alfred Molina Electro Maxwell Dillon Jamie Foxx Lizard Curt Connors Rhys Ifans Sandman Flint Marko Thomas Hayden Church
The trilogy’s titular motif of home never feels more appropriate than it does here.

Directed by Jon Watts. Co-produced by Marvel Studios and Columbia Pictures. All images fair use.

If there’s one thing missing from modern superhero movies, it’s a sense of completeness. You know it’s true, Dear Reader, subconsciously or otherwise. Think about it: What do you do when the credits start rolling? Maybe some of you get up…




Reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man every other Monday, treated more like story(telling) analyses/read-alongs/retrospectives than reviews in the strictest sense. Other comics-related content is sprinkled in just for fun. Come and enjoy the wonderful world of comics with me!

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