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AdEx Network to Become Ambire аnd Pivot to a DeFi Wallet

Long story short: we are rebranding.

Why are we rebranding

When we founded AdEx Network in 2017, blockchain technology was still in its infancy, Ethereum had almost no adoption, and things were developing at a lightning speed. We were only working on our decentralized ad platform.

How did we choose the name Ambire

We are a team of multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-faceted people — so we looked beyond the obvious when choosing a new name for our company. What led us were our shared values — the most prominent of which is our ongoing aspiration for excellence and perfection.

The rebranding timeline

We decided to roll out the AdEx Network rebranding to Ambire gradually. The process will take place in Q4 of this year and will be finished before we enter 2022.

Shifting our focus

The more mature stage of the ad network Ambire AdEx and staking will allow us to focus our attention on Ambire Wallet and put it in the limelight. Our experience so far and the wallet’s private beta confirm our belief that it has the potential to become the diamond in the Ambire crown.

What will happen to the AdEx Platform

What does this rebranding mean to you

As we already mentioned, we are not changing our existing products, business models, etc. — we are simply renaming them. The rebranding will not affect your access to our ad platform, staking portal or wallet. You will likely see visual changes in all of these products, and you will most certainly see a number of meaningful improvements be rolled out over time as well.



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