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Ambire CEO Ivo Georgiev: $WALLET Is the First governance Token for a Mass-Consumer Wallet

Our CEO answered community questions about Ambire Wallet and the WALLET token

  • Voting for future developments and putting up proposals: We all know that most wallets stagnate over the years in terms of features, and we believe that making the wallet community-driven is the way to solve this. We are allowing the Ambire Wallet user to truly own it and contribute to its feature;
  • Incentivizing usage: Again related to the first point, we distribute $WALLET tokens to early users. This is a long-term distribution mechanism rather than quick farming. Anyone with balance in their Ambire will receive WALLET for the next 4 years, proportionally to their balance;
  • Referral bonuses, gas rebates and other incentive mechanisms.
  • UX-focused wallets, those are mainly mobile apps like Argent;
  • Key management wallets, like all the browser extensions, MetaMask included;
  • Dashboards like Zapper.
  • Smart account recovery. Rather than having to write down a seed phrase and use that, you can have other mechanisms, such as social recovery, which makes crypto way more accessible to the public.
  • Batching transactions, where one transaction can execute multiple sub-transactions or calls;
  • Fee payments in stable coins or even in any ERC-20 token, thus eliminating the need to have ETH in your wallet for that;
  • Simplifying ERC20 approvals thanks to batching;
  • Replacing and canceling transactions: since effectively we don’t need nonce management, we eliminate stuck transactions;
  • Upgradable security: you can easily switch or even combine software wallet with hardware wallet and even email/password account;
  • Sandwiching and frontrunning protection.
  • You lose access to your email: you can trigger a time-locked transaction only with the password;
  • You lose your password: you can trigger a time-locked transaction only with the email.

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